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971072 S. Korean Beef Consumption Up Despite Scare
971071 BeefAmerica Recalls 168,000 Lbs of Ground Beef
971070 USDA Withdraws Inspection From BeefAmerica Plant
971069 Argentina Aims To Increase Beef Exports Worldwide
971068 Nathan's Famous Reports Second Quarter Results
971067 Bob Evans Farms Declares Quarterly Dividend
971066 U.S. Supermarkets Increase Beef Ads In 1997
971065 New Study Shows Marinating Meat May Help Prevent Cancer
971064 New Safe Food Handling Campaign Urges Americans to 'Fight BAC!
971063 Thorn Apple Valley Sees Improved Outlook
971062 Comments Of National Meat Assn Regarding Recall Authority
971061 Update On Biotype I Generic E.Coli Testing Methodology
971060 USA Meat Export Federation Korea E.Coli Update
971059 Nobel Prize Winner Says U.S. Beef Safe
971058 Global Settlement In Salami Suit
971057 Canada Plays Down E. Coli Scare In Beef Exports
971056 IBP Announces Third Quarter Results
971055 S.Korea To Send E.Coli Team To U.S.
971054 EU And Britain Agree on New Beef Ban Proposal
971053 Poultry Bacteria May Cause Illness
971052 Meat Preparation May Cause Cancer
971051 USDA's Glickman Confident of Meat Safety Bill
971050 Maple Leaf Processed Meats Plant Ratifies New Agreement
971049 U.S. Sept Consumer Prices Up Less than Expected
971048 WLR Foods Reports Sales and Results for First Quarter 1998
971047 IBP in Trial Program to Stop Illegal Hires
971046 Tyson Foods, Inc. Begins Trading on New York Stock Exchange
971045 Smart & Final's Inc. Acquires Two Meat Processors
971044 USDA Lifts 98 Beef Demand Forecast Despite E. Coli
971043 U.S. Beef Industry Sets Up Food Safety Task Force
971042 IBP Restarts Former Hudson Foods Beef Plant
971041 South Korea Has Found No More E.Coli In U.S. Beef
971040 Hong Kong Finds No Deadly E-Coli Bacteria In U.S. Beef
971039 Miniaturized Sensor to Enables Remote Testing for E-coli in Beef
971038 EU Scientists To Mull Ban On Beef Product Imports
971037 USDA Cuts US Pork Export Forecast Due To Japan
971036 U.S. Sept Consumer Prices Up Less Than Expected
971035 Burger King to Offer 99 Cent Chicken Sandwich Through Oct. 26
971034 Democrats Offer Meat Bill To Expand USDA Powers
971033 FDA to Approve Irradiation of Red Meat
971032 Clinton Meat Recall Bill Runs into Trouble
971031 Producer Prices Make Biggest Climb Of 1997
971030 EU Commission Rejects Blame For Madcow Crisis
971029 USDA Mandatory Recall? "Why Fix Something That Is Not Broken?"
971028 Maple Leaf Meats Calls For U.S.-Style Labor Costs
971027 Carl's Jr. Introduces the New Classic Bacon Cheeseburger
971026 McDonald's Spends $1 Billion in Latin America
971025 US Meat Group Seeks Change In Chilling Safety Rule
971024 Manila Approves Beef, Frozen Pork Imports
971023 USDA Says S. Korea Will Not Ban Nebraska Beef
971022 Investigators Probing E. Coli Outbreak In Iowa
971021 Third-Quarter Prices Climb, According to Farm Bureau Survey
971020 U.S. Court Allows Safeway Hamburger Suit
971019 Japan Traders Worry Over Demand For Foreign Beef
971018 Beef America Recalls 443,656 Lbs Contaminated Beef
971017 Tyson Foods Applies For NYSE Listing
971016 Facts About Meat & Poultry Industry
971015 E. Coli Sickens About 20 Students
971014 Court Rejects Fast Food Co. Appeal
971013 Beef Industry Under Siege Once Again Because of Recalls
971012 Hudson Foods Subpoenaed For Beef Recall
971011 Did Somebody Say, A New Mcdonald's Ad?
971010 USDA Probes Trio of Tainted Meat Reports
971009 Cargill's Excel Unit To Close Colorado Beef Plant
971008 U.S. Group Says Ban Chicken Manure As Cattle Feed
971007 Sizzler Expects to Increase Earnings Per Share in FY 1998
971006 US Mulling Action Against Philippines In Pork Spat
971005 Tyson Food Lobbyist Accused of "Illegal Favors" for Espy
971004 Hooters Settles Male "Waitress" Discrimination Suit
971003 WTO States Agree to End Meat and Dairy Pacts
971002 US Cattlemen Urge Probe of S. Korea E. Coli Claim
971001 IBP Says it May Need to Recall U.S. Beef from S.Korea

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