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MARCH 2001

0103112 Tyson Calls Off Purchase of IBP
0103111 IBP Says Tyson Had No Basis to End Merger
0103110 IBP Sues Tyson Over $3.2 Billion Merger Deal
0103109 Will Smithfield Renew IBP Bidding?
0103108 Chicken Breast Strips Recalled
0103107 55,000 Cans of Chicken Soup Recalled
0103106 USA Tests Pigs for Virus, Bans Equipment Imports
0103105 Taco Bell Sales Stabilizing After Slump
0103104 USDA: No Foot-and-Mouth Detected in U.S.
0103103 Smithfield Planning "No Action" to Renew IBP Bid
0103102 Shares Of IBP Fall, Tyson's Rise on Merger Collapse
0103101 Amsterdam Farmers Take Meat Inspectors Hostage
0103100 Irradiation Complaint Filed Against Omaha Steaks
010399 Major League Munchies to Be Served on Opening Day
010398 NYC Meatpackers Under Political Assault?
010397 U.S. Won't Ease European Meat Ban
010396 Americans OK With Beef Despite News
010395 Vermont Sheep are Killed in Iowa
010394 British Suspects Smuggled Meat in Foot-And-Mouth
010393 Foster Farms Acquires Chicken Ops of Zacky Farms
010392 Industry Reports No Foot-And-Mouth Fallout
010391 Irish Have Higher Risk from "Mad Cow" Meat
010390 Hog Farmers Blast Nat'l Pork Producer's Council
010389 Mass Grave Awaits British Livestock
010388 NY City Council Speaker Blasts Probe of Meat Biz
010387 Fed Probers Hit NYC Meat Markets Again
010386 U.S. Remains Free of BSE and FMD
010385 Meat Institute on Safety of Lamb and Beef
010384 Feed Cos. Following Mad Cow Rules
010383 Two Colorado Deaths NOT from Mad Cow
010382 Lawsuit Seeks Damages for IBP Shareholders
010381 Second Vermont Sheep Herd Seized
010380 US Cattle Monitored for Mad Cow Show No Disease
010379 Federal Inspectors Probe NY City Meat
010378 Inspector Of NY City Meat Got Drunk At Job
010377 Smithfield Shares Up on Foot-And-Mouth Scare
010376 ConAgra Meets Lower 3Q Expectations
010375 U.S. Ban on European Meat to Stay
010374 French Farmer Sentenced For McDonald's Attack
010373 Jack-in-the-Box Same-Store Sales Up 4%
010372 IBP Expects Tyson to Complete Buy
010371 Hormel Unit Operating During Strike
010370 Does Probe Mean Weaker Tyson-IBP Deal?
010369 Restaurants May See Baby Back Ribs Shortage
010368 IBP Says SEC Review Is Complete
010367 IBP Reports Earnings Amid Record Sales
010366 Famous Dave's Not Affected by EU Meat Ban
010365 Wendy's Predicts Earnings Shortfall
010364 EU Ministers Debate Meat Crisis
010363 Only 15% of Food Contamination Involves Meat
010362 Foot-and-Mouth Spreads in Britain
010361 U.S. Conducts Livestock Contamination Simulation
010360 USDA to Seize Sick Vermont Sheep
010359 EU Hopes U.S. Meat Ban Pared Back Soon
010358 How Mad Cows Threaten European Unity
010357 Outback Steakhouse May Substitute For EU Pork
010356 Wholesale Prices Rise in February
010355 USDA subsidizes Tyson poultry sale to Mideast
010354 Markets Brace for Foot-And-Mouth Volatility
010353 McDonald's to Test Diner Style Outlet
010352 Magazine Exposes Eating Habits of "Average Guy"
010351 EU Says US Went Too Far With Meat Ban
010350 Beef Packers Can Meet McDonald's BSE Deadline
010349 Smithfield Holding Its Own in Stock Slide
010348 Tyson: Too Early to Comment on IBP Deal Structure
010347 IBP Earnings to Fall Below Estimates
010346 McDonald's Cuts First-Quarter Earnings Outlook
010345 IBP Files Amended SEC Statement After Investigation
010344 USA Bans All European Union Meat Imports
010343 Poultry Producers Face Market Woes
010342 Retail Beef Prices Soaring
010341 Senator Suggests Ban on Cattle Imports
010340 Canada Presses US To Lift Ag Bans
010339 Britain Eases Foot-And-Mouth Curbs
010338 Demand For Vaccinations for Food Handlers
010337 Wendy's Same-Store Sales Up 0.9%
010336 Europe's Beefburger Hurt by Mad Cow
010335 USDA Subsidizes Poultry Sale to Mideast
010334 USDA to Discuss Air Pollution From Farms
010333 Britain: End to Foot-And-Mouth Way Off
010332 Vegetarian Gets $215 for Bone in Meal
010331 Tests Find Unapproved Corn in Meat
010330 McDonald's Says CFO Conley to Retire
010329 British Chicken Ad Insults Hindus
010328 Mcdonalds Mexico Loses Dispute Over Slogan
010327 Bush Gets Warm Welcome at Chicago Merc
010326 Sacramento National Chicken Cooking Contest
010325 EU Curbs Trade As Virus Fears Mount
010324 Rules on Genetically Engineered Foods
010323 Burger King Launches New Ad Campaign
010322 Thailand'a Meat Crises Boosts Crocodile
010321 Tyson Purchase of IBP Still On
010320 Pork Producers Come Under Legal Assault
010319 Securities Class Action Lawsuit Against IBP
010318 Disease Leaves English Muslims Without Lamb
010317 Irish Combat Livestock Imports
010316 Britain's Foot-and-Mouth Crisis Spreads
010315 Argentina To Vaccinate Cattle Herds
010314 The Home of the Whopper is Moving
010313 There Is Only One KFC Original Recipe
010312 Bush Says U.S. Will Fight Unfair Farm Subsidies
010311 Hooters Is In The Hot Pot!
010310 Burger and Fries: Brain Food It's Not
010309 Fed Lawsuit Filed Against Smithfield
010308 McDonald's: Mad Cow Concerns Continue
010307 Smithfield Foods Reacts to Lawsuits
010306 Burger King Has Foot And Mouth Beef Plan
010305 Tyson Delays IBP Deal, Awaits Probe Results
010304 USDA Retains Pork Promotion Program
010303 Pork Producers Statement on Pork Checkoff
010302 IBP Reaffirms Desire to Cement Tyson Deal
010301 McDonald's Japan Unit to Go Public in July

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