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MARCH 1999

990391 IBP Hires Group to Create Branded Beef, Pork
990390 Cattle Group Says $40M Needed to Fight E. Coli
990389 USA Meat Donations to Russia to Begin In April
990388 U.S. Raises Stakes In Beef Hormone Dispute With EU
990387 U.S. Offers Healthy Eating Tips For Pre-Schoolers
990386 ConAgra Reports 3rd Quarter & 9-Month Results
990385 U.S. to Buy $6 Billion Worth of Bison Meat
990384 United Nations Helping Rabbits Multiply
990383 Senator Thomas Proposes Meat Bill
990382 New Duties Threatened in a Battle Over Beef
990381 South Korea Offered Pork, Beef in USDA Credit Plan
990380 U.S. Sets Initial Retaliation List in EU Beef Dispute
990379 Japan Reviewing Pork Import Rules
990378 British Mad Cow Linked Deaths Rise
990377 Koo Koo Roo Unveils New Chargrilled Chicken Chop
990376 Colorado Slaughter House Shutting Down
990375 Michigan Plant Linked to Listeria Outbreak Probed
990374 Smoked Foods Linked to Colorectal Cancer
990373 Burger King Launches Latest Salvo in Burger Wars
990372 Tyson Statement on USA-Canada Trade Concerns
990371 IBP to Make Its Own Meat Products
990370 Thorn Apple Valley Reorganizes for Quality
990369 Hog Farmers to Receive $50 Million From USDA Soon
990368 End Nears For Omaha Stockyards
990367 Meat Prices Push Consumer Prices Up in February
990366 Save Lives and Irradiation Treatment of Meat
990365 High-Tech Cattle Tracking Unveiled
990364 "Key Hurdle" Erased From Russia Food Aid Pact
990363 U.S. Meat Groups Groups Comment on EC Resignations
990362 Food Safety Council Releases Report
990361 Human Cost of Poultry Business Bared
990360 Restaurant Teams Int'l to Acquire Fatburger Chain
990359 "Jesus Didn't Eat Animals, Christians Shouldn't Either"
990358 Charles Lauds Corned Beef And Whiskey In Uruguay
990357 NC Pork Council Blasts UNC Hog Farmer Study
990356 UN Says Rabbits Are a Very Healthy Food Option
990355 Studies Show Canned Food Great Nutition Source
990354 B&G Foods' Purchase of Heritage Brands Finalized
990353 Listeria Killer Found In Spanish Sausages
990352 AMA: Public Education About Listeria is Crucial
990351 Thorn Apple Valley Receives Interim Financing
990350 Argentina's Beef Trade Starts '99 On Right Hoof
990349 CDC Says Foodborne Illnesses Are Declining
990348 CDC Says Deadly E. Coli Cases Up Sharply In 1998
990347 Specialty Foods to Sell H&M Food Unit to IBP
990346 Cattle Tumble On Beef Output Forecast
990345 Meat Industry Issues E. Coli Testing Proposal
990344 Report On Food Safety Agency Due Soon
990343 Salmonella Rate Falls But Still High in Turkey
990342 Florida Companies May be First with Irradiated Beef
990341 Evidence Points to Importance of Meat in Diet
990340 U.S. Farm Boards Urge USDA to Keep Its Distance
990339 Bridgford Foods Announces Improved Results
990338 On the Front Line Of Food Safety
990337 FDA Guidelines For Antibiotic Use In Livestock
990336 McDonald's Scholarship Fund Aids Pork Producers
990335 A&W Restaurants to Buy Long John Silver's
990334 Attorney Wants Officials to Trace E. coli to Source
990333 Giant Eagle Employees Ratify New 5 Year Contract
990332 USDA Sees Rising Support For Meat Price Reporting
990331 Live Hog Prices: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
990330 Antimicrobial Efficacy Proven in Study of Hamburger
990329 Unlicensed Wisconsin Meat Company Shut Down
990328 Thorn Apple Valley Closing Arkansas Plant
990327 NC Pork Council Hosts "The Taste of Elegance"
990326 White House Targets Farm Pollution
990325 McDonalds Re-Introducses McRib to Help Producers
990324 Pork Producers Call for Improved Price Reporting
990323 Glickman Says Poultry Water Decision Expected Soon
990322 Thorn Apple Files For Chapter 11
990321 Airline Food Recalled For Listeria Contamination
990320 Sara Lee Subsidiary Meat Packer Resumes Processing
990319 USDA to Hike Fees for Voluntary Meat Inspections
990318 Glickman Asks DOJ to Work With USDA on Antitrust
990317 Smithfield Settles in NC Environmental Case
990316 Sandy Creek Announces Construction Plans
990315 USDA Subsidizes 46 Tons Frozen Poultry to Mideast
990314 Animal Fat May Raise Prostate Cancer Risk
990313 USDA Buys $1.39 Million Frozen Hams
990312 Europe, US Trade Dispute Rages On
990311 U.S., Russia Meeting on U.S. Meat Aid Package
990310 Maple Leaf Foods Announces Year-End Results
990309 USDA Continues to Push For Meat in S. Korea Credit
990308 Elderly Need Special "Food Pyramid"
990307 U.S. Senators Call for Diligent Review of Ag Mergers
990306 Iron Content of Meat Linked to Heart Attack
990305 USDA, Meat Groups Debate Broader Food Safety Rules
990304 Listeria Cases Baffle Experts
990303 Capitol Eatery Loads Up on Pork
990302 Navigating the Maze of Health Claims
990301 Fletcher's Fine Foods Announces Record 4th Quarter

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