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JUNE 1999

990649 Meatpacker IBP to Buy Thorn Apple Valley
990648 Lean Red Meat as Healthy as Lean White Meat
990647 Belgian Food Scare Extends to Pigs
990646 A&P Launches "Master Choice" Beef Line
990645 Hog and Pork Belly Prices Fall
990644 Performance Food Group Acquires Meat Processor
990643 Maple Leaf Manitoba Hog Plant Due By Fall
990642 Hard to Avoid Retaliation in EU Beef Dispute
990641 Food Groups Press FDA to Expand Irradiation Use
990640 Belgium Food Scare Under Control
990639 Second Food Company Cited in Belgium
990638 US Allows Most Pork Imports From EU to Resume
990637 U.S. Producers Have A Beef With Mexico Meat Tariff
990636 Democrats Launch New Attempt For Food Safety Bill
990635 USDA Extends Deadline For Meat Safety Measures
990634 U.S. Bison and North American Provisioner to Merge
990633 "Miracle Meat" SPAM Turns 62
990632 Hog Farmers Still Not Breaking Even
990631 Nathan's Famous, Inc. Reports Year End Results
990630 U.S. To Strike Balance On Lamb Imports
990629 Report On Meatpacking Production Line Design Available
990628 "Mad Cow" Disease Risk Minimal In U.S.
990627 Meat Strike Planned in Washington IBP Plant
990626 Chicken, Pork & Eggs Back In Belgian Shops
990625 EU Lifts Immediate Threat Of U.S. Beef Ban
990624 U.S. Blocks More EU Food Imports In Dioxin Scare
990623 EU Reassures As Belgium Restarts Meat Sales
990622 PETA Attacked
990621 Smithfield Foods Achieves Record Earnings
990620 Republican Candidates Visit Pork Expo
990619 Glickman Expects Hog Aid This Week
990618 May Wholesale Prices Up Modestly
990617 Key Dates/Events In Belgian Dioxin Scare
990616 Shrinking Russian Meat Market Faces New Woes
990615 Study Confirms Hot Dogs Caused Listeria Outbreak
990614 Battle Over Labels for Irradiated Beef
990613 Chicago Firm Recalls 1,285 Pounds of Hot Dogs
990612 U.S. to Block European Poultry and Pork
990611 Europe moves to contain food poisoning scare
990610 U.S. May Ease Ban on Meat Imports If Found Safe
990609 WTO Panel to Rule By July 12 on Beef Dispute
990608 Argentina '99 beef export forecast dips
990607 USDA Proposes to Allow Poultry From Mexico States
990606 EU Hopes to Avoid Sanctions in Beef Row
990605 CFP Holdings Reports Results for Quarter and Year
990604 H & H Foods Named Beef Supplier For Burger King
990603 USA Seek Damages in Beef Hormone Dispute
990602 Field Packing Dropping Fresh Meat Business
990601 Oprah's Lawyer Opposes Beef Appeal

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