Meat Industry Insights Newsletter by Stevens Publishing Company

November 2003

031163 Cattle on Feed Up 3 Percent
031162 Largest Burger King Franchisee to Sell 270 Stores
031161 Striking Workers Step Up Picketing in Bay Area
031160 "Questionable" Burger Ad Leads to Resignation
031159 Canadian Gov't Details Cattle Cull Program
031158 KS Producers Make Progress Against E. Coli
031157 KFC "Healthier" Ads Out
031156 Canadian Farmers Reject Mad Cow Program
031155 Red Meat & Milk Contain "Foreign Molecule"
031154 Holiday Questions: Is It Done? And Is It Safe?
031153 Grocery Store Picketers Grow More Vocal
031152 Doctors Warn "Atkins" Diet May be Deadly
031151 Tyson Creates Office of Animal Well-Being
031150 Food Supply Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack
031149 Republicans Attempting to Kill COOL?
031148 State Investigating Death at Smithfield Plant
031147 National Feeder Cattle Weekly Summary
031146 Weekly Hog Price Summary
031145 Hog Farms and the Environment
031144 Live Cattle Weights Rise, Hog Weights Steady
031143 H&H Clarifies Info Regarding Sabotaged Shipment
031142 Beef Prices Will Stay At Historic Highs
031141 National Feeder Cattle Weekly Summary
031140 Weekly Hog Price Summary
031139 Atkins Diet Fuels Surging Demand For Beef
031138 Burger King Apologizes to Breast-Feeding Mom
031137 Juror Says Sturgis Meat Trial Vote Was Close
031136 Meat-Label Bill May Carry U.S. Funding Load
031135 Cocaine Found in Shipment of H&H Meat
031134 Cattlemen Have No Beef With Record-High Prices
031133 National Pork Board Adopt Welfare Resolution
031132 Consumers Seek Alternatives to Costly Beef
031131 Plans For IL Hog Confinement Farms Dropped
031130 Nova Scotia Cattle Farmers Get BSE Relief Fund
031129 Canadian Hog Industry Reeling Over Low Prices
031128 Pork Producers Successfully Fight Trichinellosis
031127 Poultry Means Big Business in Sumter County
031126 Meaty Diets Pushing Beef Sales Up
031125 Irradiated Meat Won't be Served at Iowa City Schools
031124 Pork Council Favors "Country of Origin"
031123 As Beef Demand Soars, A Plug for Vegan
031122 Lean Pork & Sauces Make For a Low-Fat Meal
031121 U.S. Capitalized on BSE Turmoil
031120 Economist Says Boxed Beef Prices Peaked
031119 Senate: Sept '04 For Meat-Origin Labels
031118 Cloned Meat Not A Health Risk?
031117 Wisconsin Firm Recalls Possibly Tainted Beef
031116 McDonald's Reports October Sales Surge
031115 Wisconsin Beef Council Offers Promotion Help
031114 Lack of Inspectors Hinders Iowa Plant
031113 Canada, U.S. Reject EU Hormone Beef Claims
031112 Fried Chicken: Part of a Healthy Diet?
031111 Consumers Beef Over Meat Prices
031110 2003 Beef Feedlot Conference This Month
031109 Canadian Mad Cow Aid In Trouble
031108 Mad Cow Crisis A Boon to U.S. Beef
031107 USDA Disputes Russian Poultry Concerns
031106 Church's Chicken Names Head of Marketing
031105 Nathan's Offers New Burger
031104 Sizzling Beef Prices Forcing Menu Changes
031103 USA Imports of Canadian Beef at Pre-Ban Pace
031102 PETA Has Beef With Outback Steakhouse
031101 Japan Asks USA to Ban Export of Canadian Beef

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