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July 2000

000782 USDA to Issue Rules to Protect Producers
000781 Group Responds to USDA's "Captive Supplies" Issue
000780 Pennsylvania Company Recalling Ground Beef
000779 Experimental Plan Lowers Chicken Contamination
000778 Couple Files Suit vs. Burger Chain
000777 Stop & Shop Recalls Ground Beef For E. coli
000776 Sizzler Comments on E.coli Outbreak
000775 IBP Plans Meat Plant In Tennessee
000774 Sanderson Sees Q3 Loss on Weak Poultry Market
000773 U.S. Judge to Rule Soon on Fate of Vermont Sheep
000772 Milwaukee E. Coli Cases Laid to Sizzler Steakhouse
000771 Judge Blocks Anti-Meat Cow From Art Exhibit
000770 High Hog Prices Hurt Maple Leaf Earnings
000769 McDonald's Profits Rise 2%
000768 Smithfield Signs Historic Water Quality Compact
000767 McDonald's & Suppliers Form Web Network
000766 United Heritage Rolls-Out of 17 New Products
000765 Glickman Trusts Meat Inspection
000764 Senate Rejects Bill to Overturn Inspection Ruling
000763 USDA to Stop Stamping Imported Meat
000762 Burger King Owners Oppose "Sin Off" Plan
000761 Undercooked Meat a Threat for Pregnant Women
000760 British Frozen Beefburgers Fatty and Over Salted
000759 Carnivorous Robot Is Born, For Real
000758 Chicken Salad Recalled for Listeria
000757 U.S. to Kill Vermont Sheep Over 'Mad Cow' Fears
000756 Survey Shows Most Have Never Tasted Veal
000755 Hamburger Hamlet Debuts New Dinner Menu
000754 IBP Profits of 24% on Higher Hog Costs
000753 IBP to Open Case-Ready Meats Plant in Texas
000752 Energy Leads Wholesale Prices Up 0.6% in June
000751 Undercooked Meat Linked to Infection in Pregnancy
000750 Struthers New "Tender Prime" Distribution Facility
000749 Congress Supports Mustard on Hot Dogs
000748 Checkers' New Screamin' Spicy Chicken Strips
000747 Hog Producers to Vote on Promotion
000746 Two New Chicken Club Sandwiches at Burger King
000745 Agriculture Appropriations Bill Passes in the House
000744 eMerge Interactive Advances on Wall Street
000743 Australia Beefs Up Efforts to Create Perfect Cow
000742 Wendy's Junes Sales Rise 2.4%
000741 UL Standards Set for Meat and Poultry Equipment
000740 Retailers Sell Out of Irradiated Ground Beef
000739 Meatpackers Wage War on E. coli
000738 Burger King to Continue "Eat More Beef" Ads
000737 New York Firm Recalls Ground Beef Products
000736 Chicken Salad Recalled for Unlabeled Ingredient
000735 ConAgra Beef Announces New Corporate Headquarters
000734 Wendy's Hunts for Song About Hamburgers
000733 Michigan Firm Recalls 4260 Pounds of Meat
000732 Rica Foods, to Acquire Stake in
000731 Red Oak's Precooked Beef Well Received
000730 Food Trends Play Role in Obesity Epidemic
000729 Bill Permits FDA to Void State Food Safety Laws
000728 Tips on E. coli Safety
000727 McDonald's to Test Franchising Brands
000726 McDonald's Says U.S. Sales Rebounded In June
000725 Checkers Announces Sale of 51 Restaurants
000724 Fewer Americans Suffer From Foodborne Illness
000723 CT Firm Recalls Beef Jerky For Possible Listeria
000722 Irradiation of Raw Meat and Poultry: Q&A
000721 Stores Accused of "Price Gouging" on Irradiated Meat
000720 USDA Sets Zero Bacteria Standard for Federal Meat
000719 Court Says Plant Employees Can't Check Meat
000718 Pro-Beef Billboard Miffs Vegetarian
000717 Scobee Recalls Chicken Sandwiches
000716 Chick-fil-A Files Lawsuit Against Burger King
000715 Smoky Barbecue Sometimes Linked to Cancer
000714 French Sheep Farmers Battle "McDomination"
000713 Officials Say E. Coli NOT on Rise in Canada
000712 PETA Asks Judge to Free Anti-Meat Cow
000711 McDonald's Ads Tout Improved Restaurants & Menu
000710 Popeyes Expands in Panama and Iceland
000709 ConAgra Reports Earnings Increase
000708 "Uniformity for Food Bill" Takes Form
000707 Chicken Movie Creates Stir
000706 Boston Market Meals Arrives in Supermarkets
000705 U.S. to Consume 155 Million Hot Dogs on July 4th
000704 Animal Rights Group Presses McDonald's for Change
000703 Organic Foods Said Profitable, But Risky
000702 Hog Farmers to Government: "Keep Prices Up"
000701 Safeway Canada Recalls E.Coli-Infected Meat

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