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991078 USDA Rolls Out New Meat/Poultry Sanitation Rule
991077 Demand for Meat Diet Fattens Prices
991076 Electronic Bacteria Killer Tested on Meat
991075 McDonald's Profits Up 12%
991074 Microbiologists Battle E. Coli
991073 IBP Profits Jump Amid Strong Meat Demand
991072 Burger King Wins "Big Kid's" Battle
991071 ABC Food Lion Verdict Reversed
991070 Fresh Foods Reports Second Quarter Results
991069 EU Says U.S. May Be Open to Compensation Over Beef
991068 SYSCO Records 23% EPS Growth
991067 Back Yard Burgers Reports 3rd Quarter Results
991066 Justice Dept. Defends Mergers in Food Industry
991065 Rally's Offers "Official Burger of St. Louis Rams"
991064 Frozen Pork Bellies Climb
991063 Consumer Prices Jump 0.4%
991062 Foster Farms Expands Fresno Processing Plant
991061 Philip Morris Earnings Up 2%
991060 Cargill Posts $150M Profit In First Quarter
991059 Senate Bills Take Aim At Packer Concentration
991058 Workers Return to Three Quebec Hog Plants
991057 New Jersey Firm Recalls Hot Dogs
991056 Ryan's Family Steak Houses EPS Up 21%
991055 Georgia Scientists Design Food Poison Sensor
991054 Land O'Lakes Applauds Price Reporting Bill
991053 EU Reviews French Evidence On British Beef
991052 Conagra Fights For Monfort Name In S. Korea
991051 Canadian Scientists Using E.Coli to Kill Cancer
991050 Maple Leaf Completes Purchase of Landmark Group
991049 Wendy's Founder Pushes Adoption
991048 Oscar Mayer Parent Philip Morris to Improve Image
991047 Wendy's Founder Won't Sell More Shares In 1999
991046 British Farmers Stage Beef Protest
991045 Planet Hollywood Closes Two Restaurants
991044 Russia Reluctant to Take U.S. Meat Aid
991043 Drop in Salmonella at Small Plants
991042 Meat Likely Topic For US-Russia Aid Talks
991041 Senators Urge U.S. to Donate Pork To Russia
991040 Test Allows Fewer Inspectors to Inspect Meat
991039 EU Studies French Claim British Beef Is Unsafe
991038 1999 US Beef Exports Cut To 2.361 Billion Lbs
991037 Cattle Futures Fall on Russian News
991036 Lab Has "Blast" Tenderizing Meat
991035 Ground Beef Recall Continues in Colorado
991034 Irradiation, Rinses & Sprays Tested On Chickens
991033 Hormel Foods to Implement EVA System
991032 U.S. Denies EU Charges of Improper Hormone Use
991031 Subway Restaurants Hit 14,000 Units World Wide
991030 Wendy's Closes Seven Restaurants In U.K.
991029 US Pork Producers Hail Canada Step to Open Markets
991028 Sara Lee Says Meat Unit Recovering From Recall
991027 100 Sick From Fast Food in Washington
991026 Tyson to Sell Hog Unit to Smithfield Foods
991025 Senators Blast Smithfield's Latest Acquisition
991024 Justice Urged to Review Pork Merger
991023 Burger King Debuts Chicken Club Sandwich
991022 2000 Food Costs to Rise Just 2%
991021 Mcdonald's CEO Sees Strong 3rd Quarter
991020 Russia Seeks More Food From U.S.
991019 Largest Reported Herd of Cloned Cattle
991018 McDonald's "Feel-Good" Millennium Programs
991017 French Food Agency Says "Avoid Brit Beef"
991016 UK Disputes French Assessment of Its Beef
991015 Nathan's Completes Acquisition of Miami Subs
991014 Burger King Rolls Out New Chicken Sandwich
991013 Lax Inspection At Big U.S. Restaurants?
991012 KFC Chicken Sandwich Challenges Burger Boys
991011 New Promo Features Meat, Cheese and Love
991010 Churchs Says Its Chicken Tastes "Homemade"
991009 Foster Farms Celebrates 60 Years
991008 CME Sept Volume Drops 35% to 18 Million
991007 McDonalds Spain Sees $386 Million 1999 Sales
991006 Kellogg to Buy "Veggie Burger" Company
991005 Burger King Now Testing Great American Burger
991004 Burger King Announces Management Changes
991003 Today's Preferences for "Quick 'n' Easy" Meals
991002 Offers Office Meals On Line
991001 Floods Won't Affect NC Meat Prices

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