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July 2002

020765 Man Sues Fast Food Chains for His Obesity
020764 Dems: Why Did USDA Wait Months For Recall?
020763 "Retro" and "Ethnic" Foods are Big Trends
020762 Colorado Prisoners Were Fed Recalled Beef
020761 CDC Says Illnesses From Tainted Beef Could Rise
020760 Doctors Praise Fast-Food Lawsuit in NY
020759 Burger King Sold to Buyout Group
020758 USA-Russia Poultry Dispute Revived
020757 UFCW Reaches Tentative Agreement With IBP
020756 Sanderson Farms Announces Quarterly Dividend
020755 Pilgrim's Pride Announces Quarterly Dividend
020754 Wendy's Net Rises
020753 USDA Secretary Plugs American Beef Ahead Summit
020752 McDonald's Profit Up on Lower Costs
020751 ConAgra Tainted Beef Linked to 26 Illnesses
020750 Pork Producer Using High-Tech to Fight Pollution
020749 Huge Ground Beef Recall Expands
020748 ConAgra Recalls Huge Amount of Beef
020747 Recall May Affect Some Wal-Mart Stores
020746 Kroger Cooperates With Conagra Beef Recall
020745 France Finds BSE-Risk Material in Beef
020744 American Meat Institute on Ground Beef Safety
020743 USDA to Large ConAgra Meat Recall
020742 Red Robin Gourmet Burgers IPO
020741 USDA Bans Israel Meat on Mad Cow Concerns
020740 Playboy Model Joins PETA in Lettuce Bikini
020739 Immigrant Claim Vs. Tyson Dismissed
020738 Biotech Firms Settle Chicken Cloning Lawsuit
020737 EU Looks to Fine France Over Beef
020736 Burger King Acquires 20 BK Unitds In VA
020735 US, Russia Poultry Agreement Close?
020734 USDA Speeds Contamination Policy
020733 Men Take the Meat and Hold the Veggies
020732 USDA Announces Hamburger Recall
020731 Six Billionth Can of SPAM Produced
020730 Performance Food Group Acquires Middendorf
020729 Burger King Launches Chicken Caesar Salad
020728 Wholesale Prices Up 0.1 Percent
020727 FDA to Require Trans Fat Labeling
020726 Court Issues Stay on "Checkoff" Injunction
020725 Smithfield CEO VA Entrepreneur of the Year
020724 Dairy Queen to Sell Irradiated Beef
020723 Buyout Artists Hungry For Burger King
020722 Genome Map May Help Breeding
020721 Pilgrim's Pride to Consolidate Turkey Division
020720 EU Investigating Hormone Traces in Pork
020719 Church's Chicken Most Powerful Brand Launch
020718 Russia-U.S. Fail to Resolve Poultry Trade Dispute
020717 Tyson Foods Creates New Position
020716 California Bill Protects Muslims From Halal Fraud
020715 USDA Seeks Beef Checkoff Stay
020714 Britain to Test Chicken For Beef Additive
020713 Famous Dave's Announces 2nd Quarter Revenues
020712 Australia Fighting Counterfeit Beef Export Scam
020711 Low Meat Prices Add Sizzle to Holiday
020710 Russia Wants U.S. Chicken Certified
020709 Tyson Says Washington Post Inaccurately Reports Trading
020708 Wendy's Report Strong Sales Growth in Q2
020707 At Least 4 Investor Groups Bid for Burger King
020706 Lawsuit Dismissed Against Smithfield
020705 Bob Evans Announces June Same-Store Sales
020704 Ranchers Sue Meatpackers for Insider Trading
020703 Russia Imposing Duty on Poultry Imports
020702 U.S. Food Expo in Cuba Set for Sept.
020701 Conagra Recalls Ground Beef Due to E.Coli

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