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JULY 1998

980777 Senate Considers Import Meat Label Plan
980776 Bovine TB May Spread in Michigan
980775 Meat Industry Lobbies With Hot Dogs
980774 Maryland Sues Tyson Over Waste Disposal
980773 Spices May Suppress Bacteria In Meat
980772 Tyson May Undergo $200 Million Restructuring
980771 WLR Announces Plan to Sell Assets
980770 Tyson Reports 3rd Quarter And 9 Months Results
980769 Swanson Launches Massive New Product Introduction
980768 Gorges/Quik-to-Fix Foods Will Not Acquire King's
980767 Popeyes Chicken  Announces 3rd Quarter Results
980766 Hydrostatic Pressure May Preserve Perishable Foods
980765 Vegetarian Sues Wendy's Restaurants
980764 Tricon Global Drafts Shareholders' Rights
980763 GoodMark and ConAgra Announce Exchange Ratio
980762 E.coli Kills Toddler in Georgia
980761 Blimpie International Signs Development Agreement
980760 Sale of Animals for Food Allowed
980759 Worthington Foods Reports Record Results
980758 ConAgra To Buy Nabisco Brand Names
980757 Healthy Meal Express Offers Doorstep Delivery
980756 Boston Market Advertises Low-Fat Menu
980755 ConAgra Now the Largest Meat Firm
980754 Wegman's to Add "E-Coli Warning Label" on Meat
980753 Inter'l Home Foods Seeking Libby's Canned Meats
980752 Pennsylvania Restricts Cattle Entry
980751 Worthington Foods "Non-Meat" Sales Up 14.8%
980750 United Heritage Announces Financial Results
980749 Senate Revives Fast-Track Trade Measure
980748 Sara Lee Considers Asia major Growth Area
980747 Terrace Holdings Acquires Banner Beef & Seafood
980746 Farm Selling More Buffalo Meat
980745 Mexico to Sign Poultry Deal with USDA
980744 Brunei McDonald's Without Burgers
980743 Canada June Consumer Prices
980742 IBP Pork Profits Rebound
980741 S. Korea's Economic Woes Hurt Beef Imports
980740 Despite Recession US Exports to Japan Increase
980739 McDonald's Indonesia Develops Crisis Plan
980738 McDonald's Sets $350 Million In Charges
980737 Puts Food Industry Into Cyberspace
980736 Wendy's to Open 24 Restaurants in Colombia
980735 USDA Buys $9.2 Million in Beef
980734 Boston Chicken Completes Multimillion Bank Financing
980733 IGEN Begins Evaluation of its E.coli  Test
980732 Fastfood Loses Market Share to Supermarkets
980731 Cryptosporidium Causes Foodborne Disease
980730 ParTech Announces $2.4 Million Order From Chick-fil-A
980729 Pilgrim's Pride Third Quarter Results Improve
980728 Fresh Foods Adopts New Corporate Structure
980727 US Wholesale Prices Decline
980726 Rally's Hamburgers Introduces the 'USA Combo'
980725 GoodMark  Reports 4th Quarter and Fiscal Results
980724 Japan Approves Taiwan Pork Imports
980723 New York State Warns of E. Coli in Brooklyn Meat
980722 Burgeoning Bison Industry
980721 Cloned Calves Born in Japan
980720 French Upset  McDonald's is "Official Restaurant"
980719 E. Coli From Tainted Beef Kills Elderly Maine Woman
980718 CFP  Terminates Deal to Acquire Meat Processor
980717 Fletcher's Fine Foods Reaches Union Settlement
980716 Archer Daniels Invests More in IBP
980715 Neil D. Showalter Named CFO of WLR Foods
980714 Men Prefer Taco Bell's "Gordita" Over the Whopper
980713 NC Hog Farm Moratorium Hurts Small Farmers
980712 Buffalo Roam on Wisconsin Farm
980711 Japan to Clone More Cows
980710 ConAgra Reports Fiscal 1998 Results
980709 USDA Offers Meat To Romania
980708 Livestock Futures Mostly Higher
980707 Clinton Outlines Food Safety Effort
980706 Thorn Apple  Tells Why It's Leaving Pork Business
980705 White Castle Featured on "Champions of Industry"
980704 Showalter Named CFO of WLR Foods
980703 Japan Retains Hot Dog Munching Title
980702 American Dietetic Association Offers Diet Tips
980701 Consumer Group Urges More Info in Food Labels

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