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February 2002

020269 Smithfield Will Adapt if US Bans Packer Herds
020268 Chicago Plant Recalls Beef Products
020267 Sysco Experiences Fast Growth in Food Service
020266 Irish Mad Cow Tally Up Sharply This Year
020265 Scandal Finally Closes Japanese Meat Co.
020264 U.S. Restaurant Properties 4Q Results
020263 FDA Hearings on Animal Antibiotic Ban
020262 Kraft on Track for Higher 2002 Earnings
020261 Mad Cow Claims First Victim in Hong Kong
020260 Tyson Foods to End Use of Antibiotic
020259 Pork Sales Help Double Maple Leaf Profit
020258 Consumer Inflation Rises in January
020257 EU May Ease Tests on U.S. Beef
020256 Schwartz New President of Canadian Meat Council
020255 Popeyes Wins Two Prestigious Industry Awards
020254 German Mad Cow Scare Means Halt in Burger Sales
020253 Back Yard Burgers Reports Record 4Q
020252 Willpower No Help for a Fat Nation
020251 Meat Among Foods that Boost Brain Activity
020250 House Farm Leaders Oppose Packer Herd Ban
020249 Seaboard Says Farm Bill Could Kill Pork Project
020248 Pilgrim's Pride to Close Chicken Plant
020247 Hot Dog Sales Spike at Olympics
020246 Fourth Mad Cow Victim Dies in France
020245 USDA Finds Salmonella at 5 Turkey Plants
020244 Groups Applaud Ban on Sale of Horsemeat
020243 Wholesale Prices Increase; Food Prices Up
020242 McDonald's Japan Profits Slide on Mad Cow Fears
020241 Smithfield Profit Beats Estimates
020240 Salmonella Varies Among Turkey Firms
020239 Hormel 1st-Quarter Earnings Rise
020238 Diageo to Close Book on Burger King
020237 Bush Wants Changes to Farm Bill
020236 USDA Secretary Veneman Critiques Farm Bill
020235 Smithfield Concerned Over Hog Ownership Ban
020234 Jack in the Box Reports Increases in Q1
020233 Packers Fail to Kill Restrictions on Livestock
020232 WW Johnson Offers Irradiated Ground Beef
020231 ConAgra Recalls Beef Ravioli
020230 Tricon Earnings Rise 28 Percent
020229 Wendy's Sees Earnings Higher on Sales
020228 Cattle Group Backs Republican Meat Packer Study
020227 Poultry Industry Cuts Back on Antibiotic Use
020226 Recession Not Affecting Appetite for Beef
020225 Wisconsin Plant Increases Chicken Recall
020224 Conagra Recalls Soup For Undeclared Allergen
020223 World Pork Expo Returning to Des Moines
020222 Wendy's Earnings Up 35 Percent
020221 Red Meat Gets a Green Light Again
020220 U.S. May Have Imported Banned Beef
020219 Study: Salmonella Resists Cipro
020218 New Steak Cut Compares to NY Strip
020217 Drug-Resistant Bacteria in Pigs Spread to People
020216 Democrats, Bush Disagree On Farm Spending
020215 Nathan's Famous Reports 3Q Results
020214 Sierra Looks to Sue Chicken Farms
020213 Anti-Meat Activists Are "Enemies of Capitalism"
020212 Hong Kong Kills Chickens to Curb Bird Flu
020210 Subway Passes McDonald's in U.S.
020209 American Capital Invests $8.5M in Organic Poultry
020208 Tyson Foods Confirms 2002 Earnings View
020207 Swelling Food Portions Drive U.S. Fat Epidemic
020206 CKE Sees 4Q Hardee's Same-Store Sales Up
020205 Packers Look to Reverse Restrictions on Cattle
020204 Mad Cow Disease Costs Japan Over $1.5 Billion
020203 Tyson Files Court Papers in Immigration Case
020202 USDA Wants $131M More for Food Safety
020201 Kraft Earnings Rise on Strong Volume

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