Meat Industry Insights Newsletter by Stevens Publishing Company

March 2000

000392 Some Contaminated Chickens Pass Inspection
000391 NFPA Opposes Food Safety User Fees
000390 Large Firms Dominate Meat Packing Industry
000389 Beef Group Sees Producer Profits Thru 2003
000388 US Cattle Farmers Urge Passage of Trade Bill
000387 Baseball Stadiums Will Serve Up 26.5M Hot Dogs
000386 Farmland to Sell Iowa Pork Plant to Smithfield
000385 McDonald's Eyes Non-Burger Eateries
000384 Boston Market Adds Easter Holiday Take-Out
000383 McDonald's Plans Expansion
000382 Wal-Mart Says Illinois Workers Drop Union Vote
000381 Well-Done Red Meat Is Not Breast Cancer Risk-Study
000380 Tyson Foods Launches Revamped Ad Campaign
000379 Red Oak Farms Details Marketing Strategies
000378 Developing Online Marketplace
000377 Ball Park Hot Dogs Recalled
000376 Hormel Chief Financial Officer to Retire
000375 Tyson Foods Exec Seeks New Trial
000374 Asia Facing Bad Beef Scare
000373 Pilgrim's Pride OKs Share Repurchase
000372 Study: Hog Farms' Impact Mixed
000371 Fletcher's 4th Quarter & Year End Results
000370 Nations Halt Meat Imports From Korea, Japan
000369 PETA Invokes Biblical Commandment
000368 HACCP Program Has Cut Salmonella Risk
000367 Meat Plant Inspection Cuts Proposed
000366 Radio Host Kills Steer in Anti-PETA Stunt
000365 China OKs Import of US Farm Products
000364 Strict Vegetarians May Risk Blindness
000363 Poultry Happy with China Trade Accord
000362 No Banned Hormone Found in US Export Meat
000361 Fletcher's Announces $6.8M Charge
000360 AMI Announces Partnership With FoodUSA.Com
000359 Gwaltney Foods Recalls Finast Beef Franks
000358 Company Promotes "Great American Meatout"
000357 Health Experts Report Fewer Food Poisonings
000356 Gwaltney Recalls Mislabeled Franks
000355 Consumer Prices Jump in February
000354 Germany Lifts Ban on British Beef
000353 NPPC Suggests South-of-Border Brunch Buffet
000352 PETA's "Got Beer?" Brouhaha Is No Joke
000351 KFC Triple Crunch Zinger "Best of Show"
000350 Grocers to Create Internet "Marketplace"
000349 Utica, NY Company Recalls Hot Dogs
000348 IBP Exit From Cow Slaughter Business Complete
000347 Tyson Foods Profit Estimates Cut
000346 New Head for's Meat Div.
000345 Burger King Ad Angers Muslims
000344 J.P. Morgan to Track U.S. Restaurants
000343 Book Out in Time For Great American Meat-Out
000342 Best Tasting Restaurant Beef in America
000341 USDA Proposes Livestock Price Rules
000340 CFTC Approves First Internet Futures Exchange
000339 Union & Wal-Mart Clash Over Butchers
000338 Georgia Chicken Product Recalled
000337 Rymer Foods Announces First Quarter Results
000336 U.S. Meat Consumption Ends Slump
000335 USDA Approves Soy For Full Use in School Lunches
000334 Rule Puts Kids at Risk for Nutritional Deficiency
000333 Irish Catholics Face a Meaty Issue
000332 Friday's Commodities Roundup
000331 Burger King To Bring Back Pokemon
000330 Pillsbury Serving Chicken Noodle Soup to Hungry
000329 Wendy's Announces Strong Growth in Sales
000328 Red Oak Hereford Successfully Moves into Northeast
000327 Prepackaged Meat Squeezing Butchers
000326 UFCW Weighing Options to Challenge Wal-Mart Move
000325 McDonald's Heats Up Fast-Food Battle In Japan
000324 Call For Better Monitoring Of School Lunch Outbreaks
000323 Marketbasket Prices Increase During First Quarter
000322 NCBA Applauds Proposed US Meat Export Report Rule
000321 Pilgrim's Pride Statement on 2nd Quarter's Earnings
000320 Excerpts From Revised USDA Organic Proposal
000319 Ban on Biotech and Irradiation In Organic Rules
000318 eMerge Listed on Chicago Board Options Exchange
000317 It's Chicken Burrito Madness At El Pollo Loco
000316 Hardee's Uses Music to Strike Chord with Customers
000315 Prepackaged Replaces Wal-Mart Meat Department
000314 Gwaltney Acquisition of Coddle Roasted Meats
000313 Irradiated Products Introduced in Florida
000312 Pork Producers Challenge Checkoff
000311 Minnesota Inspection Changes Help Hog Operations
000310 Vegetarians Puzzled by McCain
000309 Gardenburger Flame Grilled Products Launched
000308 Year Long Study of Healthy Choice Entrees Launched
000307 Quarterpounder Stays on the Menu Despite EU Rules
000306 Hardee's Launching $100M Campaign With Pop Singers
000305 Making Fast Food a Healthy Choice
000304 IBP Shares Drop 10% As Food Stocks Slide
000303 Norway Bans Danish Meat
000302 U.S. Pressures China to Implement Meat Commitment
000301 South Africans Debate Fast-food Ad

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