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How to Advertise on the
Meat Trade Institute Web Site

The Meat Trade Institute offers sponsorship of its web site. These ads take the form of a banner graphic with a hot link direct to your site. If you don't yet have a site, the Institute will assist you in creating one, or in creating a business reply form that interested parties can fill out electronically.

The rates for this service are simple: $49.95 per month (paid in 6-month increments). This includes unlimited hits. For your convenience, we will include hit counters on all banner ads so you can measure your cost per hit.

The Institute will handle all the details involved in putting your ad together, including creation of all graphics and maintaining of links to your web site.

The Institute also offers social media services to help increase traffic on your website. Inquire for details.

If you would like to run a banner ad, please contact our main office during regular business hours at 631-661-2727, or click to leave comments or questions so we can call you back. You can also leave e-mail now.

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