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991155 USDA Beef Grading System Questioned
991154 Hudson Foods Grilled in Meat Trial
991153 USDA May Tighten E. Coli Controls
991152 Louisiana Plants Recalls Sausage for Bacteria
991151 Food Glut Helps Consumers But Hurts Farmers
991150 Meat, Fats May Increase Lymphoma Risk
991149 List of Good Fats, Bad fats
991148 Cattle Producers Seek Referendum
991147 Deadly E. Coli Bug May Affect Half of Cattle
991146 Cattle Group Disputes USDA E. Coli Data
991145 Panel Rejects Duty on Canada Cattle
991144 SteriGenics Offers X-Ray Food Pasteurization
991143 Espy Denies Tyson's Influence
991142 Pork bellies Up on Bacon Demand
991141 Fletcher's Announces 3rd Quarter Results
991140 France Braces for Beef Court Action
991139 No Clinton Backing For Bill to Stop Farm Mergers
991138 EU to Outline Beef Hormone Proposal Soon
991137 USDA Descriptions of Beef Grades
991136 Franco-British Beef Spat Continues
991135 Sizzler Authorizes Repurchase of Stock
991134 Jury to Decide Recalled Meat Case
991133 Beef Demand Up After 20-Year Slide
991132 Congress Asked to Stop Farm Mergers
991131 Wild Oats' Reports Success for All-Natural Turkeys
991130 Maple Leaf Reports Improved 3rd Quarter Results
991129 Conagra's Swift & Ellison Sign Japan Pork Deal
991128 Smithfield Announces Environmental Initiatives
991127 Farmland Reports Net Earnings of $13.9 Million
991126 Frito-Lay Signs Deal With Oberto Sausage
991125 Minnesota Firm Recalls Sliced Luncheon Meat
991124 Bridgford Scores Increase in Cash Dividend
991123 EU to Outline Beef Hormone Proposal Soon
991122 USA Food Groups Opposed to Ag Merger Ban
991121 Wendy's Announces 3rd Quarter Results
991120 Nathan's Reports 2nd Quarter Results
991119 Monfort Wins Trademark Ruling In Korea
991118 Tyson Recalls Chicken Fajita Kits
991117 Marathon Announces National Recall of Frankfurters
991116 Two Monfort Beef Plants Stagger Operations For Y2K
991115 Sara Lee Profits Rise, Despite Last Year's Recall
991114 CFP Holdings Reports Results for Quarter
991113 EU Scientists Rule British Beef Is Safe
991112 Foster Farms Offers New Consumer Web Site
991111 Gets $100 Million In New Financing
991110 UK Expects Speedy End to Anglo-French Beef War
991109 Beef Packing Plant May Come to Iowa
991108 Poultry Worker Deaths Investigated
991107 E.coli Traced to Wild Game in Idaho
991106 WLR Foods Reports First Quarter Results
991105 White Castle Has Right Stuffing for Your Turkey
991104 Virus-Free Brazil Beef Headed For US in 2000
991103 USDA Hog Loan Moratorium Continues Amid Oversupply
991102 French Protests Wait for British Beef at Chunnel
991101 IGEN Launches PATHIGENE. Coli O157 Test

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