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October 2003

031054 Growing Appetite Drives Up Beef Prices
031053 Pork Promotion Is Reeling After Ruling
031052 US May Resolve Australian Free Trade Beef
031051 Beef Prices Please Cattle Ranchers
031050 Producers Would Feel Impact if Checkoff Lost
031049 Report on Cloned Meat Due Soon
031048 Dealing with High Beef Prices
031047 Asia Could Be Next to Open Borders to Beef
031046 U.S. Soldiers Welcome Burger King To Baghdad
031045 September Meat Production Record
031044 Cattlemen to Discuss Beef Source Verification
031043 Supreme Court May Review Beef Checkoff
031042 AMI Comments on FDA Listeria Risk Report
031041 Maple Leaf Reports 2003 3Q Results
031040 Kroger Workers Expected to Reject Contract
031039 Cattle On Feed Report Deemed Neutral
031038 National Feeder Cattle Weekly Summary
031037 Weekly Hog Price Summary
031036 Dodge, KS Plant to Transfer Staff
031035 Cattle Producers Seeing Record High Prices
031034 Even Burger King goes low-fat
031033 Hog Operation Backers & Foes at Cross Purposes
031032 CME To Raise Cattle Price Limits
031031 USDA: Cattle Free of Foot-And-Mouth
031030 Class-Action Against Tyson OKed
031029 "Chicken Rights" Woman's Takes Cause to KFC
031028 UFCW Set to Strike California Supermarkets
031027 Confined Cattle Don't Have Foot-And-Mouth
031026 FDA Warns of "Food Terrorism"
031025 Body Needs Plenty of Rest to Fight Fat
031024 Michigan E. Coli Source Still Unknown
031023 Low Soybean Crop Will Affect Meat Prices
031022 Food Workers Union Backs Gephardt for President
031021 Market Watch - Bull Story In Meats
031020 Economist: Pork Prices to Rebound in Spring
031019 Canadian Packers Accused of Profiteering
031018 CA Butchers Union : A Mixed Bag For Strikes
031017 Pork Month Celebrates Iowa's Contribution
031016 National Beef Cook-Off 25th Anniversary
031015 E.coli Not Found In NJ School Lunch
031014 Don't Have A Cow: Beef Costs Up
031013 Report Indicates Pork Liquidation Ending
031012 Times Says New Rules Fail to Stop Tainted Meat
031011 Tama Beef Secures $12 Million Credit Line
031010 FSIS Boosts Salmonella Detection Efficiency
031009 Tight Choice Supplies Propel Cash Cattle Prices
031008 Excel's Evolution: Reinventing the Meat Division
031007 Tests Done on New Livestock Tracking System
031006 U.S. Looks Down Under for Joint Lamb Agreement
031005 RTM sells Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken
031004 USDA's Lamb Promotion Board Appointments
031003 McDonald's to Introduce Leaner McNugget
031002 FSIS, Conagra Share Blame for 2002 Beef Recall
031001 NM Salmonella Outbreak Prompts Beef Jerky Recall

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