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December 2001

011236 Lawsuit Against IBP Given Class-Action Status
011235 Firm Recalls 266,000 Pounds of Ham Products
011234 Burger King Expands British Franchise
011233 ConAgra Mulls Fate of Laggard Units
011232 Illegal Labor Common in Meat Industry
011231 Tyson Discussing Resolution of Clean Water Case
011230 Tyson Adds New Board Members, Declares Dividend
011229 Study Links Meat Consumption with Cancer Risk
011228 Democrats Look to Give USDA Power to Close Plants
011227 Plants Violating Salmonella Rules WON'T be Closed
011226 Recession Hits Hard; Food Costs Down
011225 Negative Test Mad Cow Case in Japan
011224 Austria Confirms First Case of Mad Cow
011223 Japan Tries to Ease Mad Cow Concerns
011222 GOP Refuses to Limit Farm Debate
011221 Court Says French Ban on British Beef Is Illegal
011220 McDonald's Expected to Announce Cautious Outlook
011219 Burger King Continues Gift Tradition in VA
011209 Farm Groups Warn Congress of Catastrophic Loss
011208 IBP Cuts Beef Production at Four Plants
011207 McDonald's Eats Words In McChina Name Battle
011206 Cloned Cattle and Pigs Are "Normal And Healthy"
011205 S&P cuts Viskase Cos ratings
011204 GA Farm Bureau Holds Annual Meeting
011203 Japan's Prima Meat to cut workforce after mad cow
011202 Islamic Plant in North Dakota Plans to Expand
011201 US to Subsidize Hog Farm Insurance

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