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APRIL 2001

010475 Food Trends Discussed at Conference
010474 Canadian Firm Recalls 204,000 Lbs of Ground Beef
010473 Higher Costs for Cattle Pressure IBP Earnings
010472 Maple Leaf Posts Profit on Rising Sales
010471 Hog Farms Under Fire in Carolinas
010470 USDA to Pay for Diseased Livestock
010469 US Bans Uruguay Meat Due to Foot-And-Mouth
010468 Sanderson Farms Announces Quarterly Dividend
010467 SureBeamís 3rd Electronic Pasteurization Center
010466 School Meat Standards on Par
010465 Italian Gourmets Vow to Battle the Burger
010464 Smithfield Stake in Pinnacle Enhances Case-Ready
010463 Pilgrim's Pride Slips to Second Quarter Loss
010462 Smithfield Proposes Offer for Schneider Corp.
010461 Burger King Unlikely to Cut Burger Prices
010460 Olive Garden's Pork Filettino Rated Best Entree
010459 Back Yard Burgers Reports Record Revenues
010458 Schuylkill, PA Beef Plant to Bring 400 Jobs
010457 Judge Halts Tyson Suit Against IBP
010456 Salmonella Risk in U.S. Continues Decline
010455 USDA Moves Forward on Meat Labels
010454 Burger King Changing Menu With New Value Meals
010453 Texas Beef Industry Introduces New Logo
010452 Ball Park Recalls Hot Dogs In 7 States
010451 Top Chefs Divulge What Whets Their Appetites
010450 Burger King Considers Buyout Offer
010449 Beef Scare Hurts McDonald's Profits
010448 Britain Says Foot-And-Mouth Under Control
010447 No Charges Will Be Filed on IBP
010446 IBP Says Judge Clears Way For Tyson Lawsuit
010445 Smithfield to Buy Moyer Packing
010444 Smithfield Sees Higher Profits, Stock Split
010443 Consumerists Say USA Mad Cow Efforts Lacking
010442 Philip Morris Quarterly Profit Rises
010441 Animal Rights Group Wants Ban on U.S. Meat Imports
010440 Japan Recalls U.S. Meat on Listeria Scare
010439 Cargill Earnings Fall 48%
010438 Farmland Earnings Show Continued Improvement
010437 Meat Cutters Accept Contract at Hormel Pork Unit
010436 USDA Ups US Beef Exports In 2001
010435 N. Ireland Battles Spread of Foot-And-Mouth
010434 Woman Settles "Hot Pickle" McDonald's Lawsuit
010433 Restaurant Association Comments on BSE
010432 "Decadent" Burger Arrives at Jack in the Box
010431 Pork Producers Cancel Annual Expo
010430 Study Proposes More Slaughtering in England
010429 Wholesale Prices Drop Slightly; Food Up 1.1%
010428 Australia Defends Kangaroo Steaks
010427 Demand for Australian Cattle High
010426 Hormel a Stock With Some Meat on It
010425 Greensboro Chef Wins National Pork Cook-Off
010424 Meat Scares Germans Towards Ostrich
010423 Is Love Affair with Fast Food Cooling Down?
010422 Study Sheds Light on Carcinogen in Beef, Chicken
010421 USA Staffing Up to Stop Animal Disease Overseas
010420 Texas Kills German Cattle
010419 Excel Delays New Iowa Plant
010418 French Study Sees 'Mad Cow' Risk for Humans
010417 U.S. Will NOT Scrap Testing of School Meat
010416 U.S. Boosting Funds to Block Animal Diseases
010415 Kosher Plant Presses on Despite INS
010414 U.S. to Stop Salmonella Tests for School Beef
010413 WW Johnson Meat Company to Use Irradiation
010412 Irradiation of School Meat Proposed
010411 Montana Man Wins Nat'l Chicken Cooking Contest
010410 Consumer Groups Warn of Mad Cow Enforcement Gaps
010409 Blackouts Could Kill California Poultry
010408 EPA Feedlot Rules Under Review
010407 Jack in the Box at Low End of Earnings Forecast
010406 PETA plans UK Burger King protests
010405 Burger King Humane Animal Treatment Rules
010404 Tyson, IBP Both Retreat as Court Face-Off Looms
010403 Burger King's Stress Free Drive-Thru
010402 Wendy's March Same-Store Sales Up 2.6%
010401 Tyson Foods Asks Judge to Void Deal

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