Meat Industry Insights Newsletter by Stevens Publishing Company

June 2000

000669 IBP Recalls 200 Tons of Beef Over E. Coli Fears
000668 HACCP Has Led to a Safer Food Supply, Says NFPA
000667 Emu: The Other Red Meat?
000666 Fletcher's Fine Foods Changes Corporate Name
000665 Burger Chain Parent Prandium Holds Annual Meeting
000664 McDonald's & Accel-KKR to Form Internet Firm
000663 White Castle to Crown New Griddle Champion
000662 USDA Wants Beef Retaliation Focused on France
000661 Three Meat Inspectors Slain at Calif.Meat Plant
000660 Kangaroo Meat Set for High Jump at Olympics
000659 USDA: More Testing Needed to Protect Consumers
000658 ConAgra Unit Accused By Labor of Stifling Union
000657 Webvan Lends Unique Flavor to the Taste of Chicago
000656 Smithfield Sued by Bobby Kennedy, Jr
000655 Court Rules in PETA Web Parody Case
000654 Tyson Foods Sees Profits Below Estimates
000653 M & P Magazine to Sponsor Virtual Trade Show
000652 PETA's Message For Meat-Eating Kids At McDonald's
000651 Dominick's Clarifies Packerland Beef Recall
000650 No End to Drought in Sight for South
000649 Cattle Franchising Launched to Meet Beef Demand
000648 Florida Residents First to Try Irradiated Beef
000647 On-Line Meat Exchange Closes $10 Million in Sales
000646 "Safety" Attorney Praises School Meat Standards
000645 eMerge CEO to Address Congress On Beef Industry
000644 Tight Labor Market Boosts Price Of Dining Out
000643 Italian Grains, Pork to Trade on Internet
000642 Meat Alternatives: More Than Just Veggie Burgers
000641 CFP Holdings Reports Results for the Fiscal Year
000640 200,000 Pounds of Beef Recalled
000639 Better School Meat Standards Sought
000638 Supreme Responds to USDA on Salmonella Testing
000637 Consumer Prices Inched Up 0.1% in May
000636 New Burger King Kids Meal Promo
000635 Texas Hamburger Plant Flunks Food Safety Test
000634 Nebraska Company Recalls Beef
000633 Justice Probes Meatpacker Alliance
000632 Supreme Beef Plant Asked To Shut Down
000631 Hogs Fall As Pork Demand Slows
000630 Wendy's Reiterates 12%-15% EPS Goal
000629 Knowledgeable Thieves Swipe 7 Tons of Beef
000628 Study: Neanderthals Ate Mostly Meat
000627 Hormel Planning Push Into Branded Beef
000626 Farmland Licensed to Design Food Safety Technology
000625 Demand For Goat Is Increasing
000624 IBP Seeks Panel To Review Mexico Beef Duties
000623 McDonald's January-May sales up 5%
000622 Bridgford Foods First Half Results
000621 US Beef & Pork Exports Higher Due to Asia
000620 Indianapolis Holds World Pork Expo
000619 Farmland Unit FDL Foods to Shut Iowa Plant
000618 Does Perdue Have a Chicken-Catching Machine
000617 Kirk Halpern Named Exec VP of Buckhead Beef
000616 Surprise Inspection Finds NO Violations at IBP Plant
000615 ConAgra Shares Food Safety Knowledge With Industry
000614 Smithfield Foods Reports Fiscal 2000 Earnings
000613 Lack of Russian Orders Hurt Poultry
000612 Koo Koo Roo Promotes Summer Skinless BBQ Chicken
000611 Bob Evans Farms Announces Financial Results
000610 Famous Dave's Opening 3 New Restaurants
000609 Perdue Farms Automating Live Haul Operation
000608 US to Study Why Americans Eat the Way They Do
000607 Many of Us Have at Least Tried Meat Substitutes
000606 Bacteria Scare Prompts Hot Dog Recall
000605 Group Calls New U.S. Diet Guidelines Unhealthy
000604 Clinton Says Meat Plants "Undermine" Food Safety
000603 Sanderson Farms Reports 2nd Quarter Results
000602 Announces Phase One Launch
000601 North Carolina Packer Recalling Franks

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