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990178 USDA Says Bil Mar Recall Could Reach Record Levels
990177 Sara Lee Denies Recall to Reach 35 Million Lbs
990176 Glickman Cancels Speech After Meat Group's Comment
990175 NPPC Wants "Justification" for Antimicrobial Rule
990174 Rally's and Checkers Hamburger Chains to Merge
990173 Hardee's Brings "Star" to Life In New Ad Campaign
990172 B&G Foods Purchases Heritage Brands from Pillsbury
990171 Lawsuit for Boy Sickened by E. coli Tainted Hamburger
990170 Meat Processing Plants Amend Recall
990169 Union Urges Passage of Ontario's Quality Meat Pact
990168 Rymer Foods Inc Announces 1998 Fiscal Year Results
990167 Canada Pledges $2.4 Million to Ukraine Beef Industry
990166 Fletcher's Announces Alliance With Piller Group
990165 Nathan's Famous Reports Third Quarter Results
990164 Ohio Hog Prices Rebound
990163 Legislators Working to Help Minnesota's Pork Industry
990162 Pork Producers Call for Mandatory Price Reporting
990161 Ostrich Meat New Hot Item
990160 USDA Proposes Redeployment of Meat Inspectors
990159 Listeria Outbreak Claims 12th Victim
990158 McDonald's Q4 Seen on Target
990157 Thorn Apple Valley Processing Plant Recalls Meat
990156 U.S. Makes Poultry Sale to Russia
990155 U.S. & EU Headed For Serious Beef Trade War?
990154 Vegetarians Bemoan Growing Asian Taste for Meat
990153 HACCP Food Safety System Cuts Salmonella Threat
990152 It May Be Easy to Live Longer - Just Stop Eating
990151 USDA Defends New Food Inspections
990150 Sara Lee Reports Earnings Rise
990149 Tyson Asks USDA to Ax Plan On Processing Water
990148 Meat Inspectors Blast HACCP Meat Inspection
990147 Sara Lee Seeks to Beef Up Image After Meat Recall
990146 ITC Rules U.S. Farmers Hurt By Canadian Cattle
990145 11 Deaths Now Blamed on Tainted Meat
990144 USA Meat Inspectors Mull Lawsuit Against USDA
990143 Clinton to Seek More Food Safety Funding
990142 Denny's Slipped Pork Into Muslim Meals
990141 Oscar Mayer Recalls Deli Meats
990140 $1-A-Head Beef Ad Fee Allowed To Stand
990139 Pork Producers Rip Consumer Prices
990138 Meat Packers Running Full Speed During Hog Glut
990137 Oscar Mayer Recalls Deli Meat For Listeria
990136 Probe of Farm Product Markets Urged
990135 Early Humans May Have Eaten Meat
990134 USDA To Allow Meat To Be Labeled Organic
990133 Democrats Ask For Antitrust Probe of Farm Markets
990132 Pork Prices Up On Farm Aid, Grains End Higher
990131 Alfalfa Sprouts, Salmonella Linked
990130 Producer Prices Decline in 1998
990129 USDA Buys 990,000 Pounds of Frozen Ground Beef
990128 FDA Focuses on Food Safety, Including Irradiation
990127 Hog Futures Continue Rally
990126 Washington Issues Update on Listeriosis Outbreak
990125 GOP Senators Urge Action on Pork Loan Program
990124 U.S. Says 8 Deaths From Contaminated Meat
990123 USDA Backs Thermometers for Beef
990122 Argentina Launches Program to Buck Up Beef Output
990121 Pork Prices Up On Farm Aid, Grains End Higher
990120 Canada-U.S. Discuss Solutions to Hog Price Crisis
990119 U.S. Provides $130 Million to Aid Hog Farmers
990118 USDA to Kill 1.9 Million Hogs in First Half '99
990117 Giant Food Warns Of E-Coli Dangers
990116 Sara Lee Stock May Stumble After Meat Recall
990115 US Pork Group Aims to Export Hogs to West Canada
990114 Hogs, Cattle Futures Prices Up
990113 "National Chicken Council" Takes Flight
990112 Pork Producers Meet With Clinton
990111 Rally's Introduces 99 Cent "Big Chicken Sandwich"
990110 Sen. Lugar Asks Canada to Resolve Pork Plant Strike
990109 London McDonald's Apologizes as Big Macs Run Out
990108 "Most Trying Year Ever" for NC Pork Producers
990107 Democrats Put Livestock on Agenda
990106 Number 1 PR Blunder of 1998? Oprah Cattlemen Case
990105 Sara Lee Plant Subject of 5 Recalls Since 1994
990104 NPPC Urges Additional USDA Assistance
990103 Hog Prices Rally on USDA Report
990102 Outbreak Traced to Bil Mar Plant in Michigan
990101 IBP Sees Strong Fourth Quarter Profits

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