Meat Industry Insights Newsletter by Stevens Publishing Company

November 2005

051148 China Reports Two More Poultry Flocks Have Flu
051147 Tyson Expects Japan to Resume Beef Imports Soon
051146 World Beef Production to Increase
051145 Giant Hot Dog Diner Forced To Move
051144 Tyson 4Q Profits Miss Estimates
051143 Japan Meat Packers Tour Bowling Green Market
051142 Burgers Big In Oklahoma
051141 PETA Wants Smithfield Charged With Animal Cruelty
051140 Senate Bill Would Void Delay In Meat-Origin Law
051139 Senators: Take USDA Logo Off Imported Beef
051138 USDA Studies Methods to Enhance Meat's Juiciness
051137 Company Protests Meat "CO2 Treatment"
051136 Retail Meat: Looking Beyond Thanksgiving Holiday
051135 Cattlemen's President Addresses Current Beef Issues
051134 What's Done At Weaning Affects Quality of Beef
051133 Foster Farms Poultry Workers on Strike Again in CA
051132 Vietnam to Purge Cities of Live Poultry
051131 Japan Wants to Inspect U.S. Packing Plants
051130 PETA Launches Latest Anti-Meat Effort
051129 Don't Be Chicken About Bird Flu, Experts Say
051128 Kroger Meat Workers Approve Contract
051127 U.S. to Lift Restrictions on Canadian Beef
051126 Comfort Foods: Women Like Sugar, Men Like Meat
051125 Lakeside Packers Running Smoothly After Strike
051124 Government & Industry Keeping Bird Flu Out
051123 Beef Imports Down, Cattle Slaughter Up
051122 McDonald's To Save McRib With Boneless Pigs
051121 Tyson Workers in Canada End Strike
051120 E. Coli Warning Issued Over Beef Patties
051119 Meat Packer Recalls Suspect Ground Beef
051118 Beef Symposium Set For Rapid City
051117 Japan Won't Ease U.S. Beef Ban Terms
051116 Vornado Buys Stake in McDonald's
051115 Americans Split Over Buying Cloned Meat
051114 Couple Betting on Bison Meat's Future
051113 Scottish Supermarkets Support Meat Processors
051112 Northern Ireland Bans Poultry Markets
051111 French Bird Flu Drill Sparks Poultry Sales Fears
051110 National Carlot Meat Trade Review
051109 Senate Delays "Origin" Meat Labeling
051108 Smithfield Receives 48 Environmental Awards
051107 "Traceability" Is Key to Global Beef Markets
051106 Lawmakers Call For Expanded Candian Cattle Imports
051105 Merced, CA Plant Workers Return to Picket Lines
051104 Certified Beef Program Successful
051103 Japan Wants To Inspect U.S. Packing Plants
051102 Compounds May Help Produce Juicier Meat
051101 House Votes to Block Obesity Lawsuits

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