Meat Industry Insights Newsletter by Stevens Publishing Company

June 2005

050644 Foods Shares Slide on Mad Cow News
050643 Wallula, WA Beef Plant Workers Get Raise
050642 Beef Council Supports Certified Beef Program
050641 U.S. Beef Market Not Expected to Slow
050640 N.C. Woman Swears By McDonald's Diet
050639 Canadian Meat Supplies Start June Lower
050638 Meat Safeguards Tedious But Vital
050637 Conagra to Shut Plants as Profit Falls
050636 USA RAISED "Not Just Any Beef" Logo Unveiled
050635 Australia Backs U.S. In New Mad Cow Case
050634 Mad Cow: Consumers NOT Shying Away From Beef
050633 U.S. Poultry Slaughter Jumps in May
050632 Japan: US Mad Cow Won't Stop Resumed Beef Imports
050631 Indonesia Bans US Beef After Mad Cow Case
050630 US Must Assure Nervous Trade Partners Over Beef
050629 Texas Beef Industry Facts And Figures
050628 Decision on Cloned Meat Expected Soon
050627 Mad Cow Was Found At Champion Pet Foods Plant
050626 Mad Cow Night Fuel Organic Beef Demand
050625 Conagra Blames Packaged Meat For Profit Fall
050624 NY: The Burger King of Cities
050623 Burger King opens first outlet in China
050622 CKE Restaurants Falls on Missed Earnings
050621 Beef Prices Seen Hurting Fast-Food Chain
050620 AMI Says Beef Trade Should Resume With Canada
050619 U.S. Red Meat Output Should Increase
050618 US House Delays Meat Origin Label Law
050617 Demand, Thin Herds Beef Up Meat Prices
050616 Beef Industry Officials Face Demonstrators
050615 Australia Halts U.S. Pork Imports
050614 Conagra Outlook Hurt By High Meat Costs
050613 The "How-To's" for Poultry & Meat
050612 Murry's Recalls Frozen Ground Beef Products
050611 US Finds Possible 2nd Mad Cow Case
050610 Smithfield Takes Step To Solve Surplus Slaughter Problem
050609 Cattle Industry Split Over Central America Trade
050608 Plant Closure Partly Blamed on Canada Cattle Ban
050607 House Passes Bill Aimed At Horse Meat Plants
050606 Wendy's Investor Wants Strategic Changes
050605 Seminole Beef Approved For Sale to Japan
050604 Canada Moves Forward With Cattle Tracking System
050603 Cubans Due in Vermont to Select Cattle
050602 Premium Standard's Planned IPO on Hold
050601 Greater Omaha Packing Attains QSA Certification

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