Meat Industry Insights Newsletter by Stevens Publishing Company

April 2005

050447 Cattle Groups Go Head to Head Over Beef Ban
050446 2004 Summary: Prices Up For Cattle, Hogs & Sheep
050445 Beef Export Market Loss $3.2 to $4.7 Billion
050444 Strong Domestic Beef Demand Keeps Cattle Prices Strong
050443 Watchdog Finds No Collusion During Mad Cow Crisis
050442 Beef Processor Smithfield Considers Kansas
050441 Voluntary Testing for Mad Cow Would Help Beef Industry
050440 Poultry Slaughter Rises in March
050439 Choice Beef Prices Set 54-Week High
050438 Competition in Packing Industry - or Concentration?
050437 Maple Leaf Foods Q1 profit down
050436 Mississippi Beef Plant Sale Talks Extended
050435 Canadian Cattlemen Appeal Border Closure
050434 Wendy's Profit Hurt by Finger Case
050433 US Provides More Data to Japan on Beef Safety\
050432 Study Shows Mad Cow Testing May Help
050431 Briefs Filed to Block Expanding Canadian Cattle Trade
050430 US Beef Production Revised Down
050429 Pork Production at Record High; Cattle Slaughter Down
050428 Higher Global Meat Production Forecast
050427 Tyson Opposed Delay to Imports of Canadian Cattle
050426 U.S. Cattle on Feed Rises
050425 U.S. Groups Support Canada In Mad Cow Legal Battle
050424 Processed Meat Ups Pancreas Cancer Risk
050423 Cargill Buys Canada Plant
050422 Salmonella Cases Linked to Frozen Chicken Entrees
050421 McDonald's Is 50 Years Old
050420 Patrick Boyle on Why Cattle Industry Is So Divided
050419 Canadia Says American Packers Suffer For Border Closures
050418 The Claim: Grilled Meat Causes Cancer
050417 CDC Data Showd Declines in Foodborne Illness
050416 Exports, Protein-Heavy Diets Help Pork Industry Recover
050415 McDonald's Lifts Profit Outlook for 1Q
050414 Cargill Looks To Enter Brazil Beef Business
050413 Tyson Strengthens Security In Face of Food Supply Threats
050412 Experts in Japan & Korea to Facilitate Beef Exports
050411 Pork Industry Seeing A Big Jump In Profits
050410 World Meat Exports to Achieve Historical Highs in 2005
050409 Mississippi Beef Plant's Potential Buyers Gain More Time
050408 Montana to Back Country of Origin Meat Labels
050407 USDA Revamps Food Pyramid to Unveil New Symbol
050406 Texas Meat and Poultry Workers Push for Reforms
050405 Bill Would Ban Suing Restaurants Over Obesity
050404 Cargill and Better Beef Limited Reach Agreement
050403 Head of Meatpacker Swift & Co. Resigns
050402 Meat Preservative May Aid Heart, Organs
050401 Company Launches A Hybrid Meat-Soybean Health Food.

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