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November 2004

041194 High Hog Prices Boost Smithfield Foods
041193 Beef Prices Are Best In Years
041192 Higher Prices Boost Beef Producers' Income
041191 Man Fired from McDonald's for Having AIDS
041190 New York Business Voluntarlily Recalls Meat
041189 Canada Hog Exports Set to Decline As Strike Ends
041188 Smithfield Profits Leap 83%
041187 McDonald's Ailing Boss Steps Down
041186 Burger King Open Stores In Brazil
041185 Survey Questions Purity of Angus Beef
041184 Analysts Praise Naming of McDonald's CEO
041183 Mcdonald's Strong Despite New Loss of Chief
041182 New BSE Report May Hurt Market
041181 Tyson Foods Announces Quarterly Dividend
041180 Record Prices Delight Cattle Ranchers
041179 California Senate Condemns "Factory" Farming of Animals
041178 Tyson, McDonald's Stock Down on Mad Cow
041177 School Food for Thought
041176 Maple Leaf Foods Calls for Meat Tracing Standard
041175 Big Breasts Impede Breeding of More Birds
041174 SD Cattlemen to Address Landmark Issues
041173 USDA Moves to Import Canada Cattle
041172 Kroger Sued For Overcharging on Meat
041171 Website Tracks Beef from Hoof to Plate
041170 Cattle Industry Awaits Mad Cow Results
041169 Animal Rights Group Investigated in Vandalism
041168 Tyson, McDonald's Stock Down on Mad Cow
041167 Tyson 4Q Profit Slides on Higher Costs
041166 American Meat Institute Says U.S. Beef Is Safe
041165 Injury Rate Increases at Tyson Plant
041164 Banned US Beef Found in Japan
041163 Possible Mad Cow Case Found
041162 Quebec Beef Producers Dig in their Heels
041161 Canadian Rancher Offers Up Cattle to Hunters
041160 McDonald's Ill CEO Raises Investor Worries
041159 Minnesota's Meat Supply Declared Safe
041158 U.S. Still Has No Cattle Tracking System
041157 Steps Taken to End Canadian Cattle Ban
041156 Smithfield Foods Raises Outlook
041155 Tyson Recalls Chicken Strips Sold In Michigan
041154 Monthly Red Meat Output Post 6% Gain
041153 Anthrax Kills 15 Cattle in North Dakota
041152 Smithfield Plans $150 Million Debt Offering
041151 Asian Nations Still Bar Imports of U.S. Beef
041150 States Test Cattle Tracking
041149 Poultry Supplies Up 9% From Last year
041148 Fast-Food Critic Says He Feels Threatened
041147 Farmer's Hog Tops Scales at 1600-Pounds
041146 Pork Pulls U.S. Meat Residual Higher
041145 Smithfield Foods Penalized in IBP Stock Case
041144 McDonald's Won't Talk CEO Succession Plan
041143 Beef Market Situation Boosts Hog Prices
041142 McDonald's "Give a Hand" Benefits Kids
041141 McDonald's Settles with NJ Victim's Family
041140 McDonald's Same-Store Sales Rise 6.1%
041139 U.S. Meat Production Exceeds Expectations
041138 McDonald's CEO Voice-Mails Franchisees
041137 U.S. Sales Boost McDonald's
041136 Woman Sentenced for Storing Meat in Unsanitary Conditions
041135 McDonald's to Expand Ronald McDonald House
041134 Anthrax Kills 15 Cattle in North Dakota
041133 Restaurant Delivery Service Signs 50th NYC McDonald's
041132 "DNA Certified" Angus Beef
041131 Goat Goes Mainstream
041130 NB Producers Happy About Resuming Beef Japan Trade
041129 USMEF Demonstration Sells U.S. Pork to China
041128 Tyson Opens New Offices in Arkansas
041127 Canada Pushes to Resume Canada/US Beef Trade
041126 Canadian Hog Producers Benefit from Canadian Subsidies
041125 Beef Trade to Asia Returning to Normal
041124 McDonald's Reports Strong Worldwide Sales
041123 Mississippi Meat Processor Asks for More Money
041122 New Brucellosis Case Hits Wyoming
041121 Ohio Inmates to Help Slaughter Their Own Beef
041120 Pilgrim's Pride Reports Record Earnings For 2004
041119 Smithfield Acquires European Meat Processors
041118 New Menu Boosts McDonald's Japan
041117 Daschle Defeat Hurts Country-of-Origin Labeling
041116 McDonald's to Feature "The Incredibles"
041115 Burger King Promotes Chicken Fight
041114 USDA Funds Avian Flu Vaccine for Poultry
041113 U.S. Pressures S. Korea On Import Ban
041112 McDonald's Slammed for Trans Fats
041111 Perdue Farms Facility Shuts Doors
041110 Georgia Plant Supervisor Accused Murdering Co-Worker
041109 Good News for Colorado Beef
041108 Cellucci Says U.S. Likely to Resume Canadian Beef
041107 McDonald's Asks Court to Toss Ohio Illness Suits
041106 Arkansas Students Get Business Ethics Lesson from Tyson
041105 Japan Deal Offers Hope To Beef Producers
041104 Field Study Shows Pasture Produces Healthier Beef, Milk
041103 Federal Beef Plans Fire Sale
041102 USDA Hopes to Verify Cattle's Ages
041101 Hog Duties Spotlight Policy Shift

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