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January 2004

040167 USDA Issues Beef Warning After Salmonella Outbreak
040166 Growing Interest Seen in Bison Meat
040165 China Intensifies Bird Flu Battle
040164 DNA to Fingerprint Pork From Farm to Table
040163 Ex-Rancher Blasts U.S. Mad Cow Measures
040162 Cincinnati Kroger Stores Issue Roast Beef Recall
040161 Tighter U.S. Beef Regulations Still Too Lax?
040160 Slaughter of Asian Poultry Urged to Fight Virus
040159 Wendy's Quarterly Earnings Up Sharply
040158 Pennsylvania Company Recalls Meat
040157 U.S. Companies Not Worried About Bird Flu
040156 Low Carb & Fat Sausage Ads to Run During Super Bowl
040155 National Beef Appoints Food Safety Leader
040154 Tyson Reports Higher Profit for 1Q
040153 Anti-PETA Ad Airs in Honolulu
040152 Georgia Warns of Listeria in Deli Roast Beef
040151 McDonald's Gains at Burger King's Expense
040150 All Beef Exporters to U.S. Adopt Mad Cow Rule
040149 Carl's Jr. to Air Sexy Super Bowl Ad
040148 Tyson Workers at Wis. Plant Accept Deal
040147 Bush Admin. to Seek $60M in Mad Cow Funds
040146 U.S. Wants $274 Million Biosurveillance Upgrade
040145 Beef Industry Unveils Post-Mad Cow Ad
040144 Cattle Industry Reaffirms Commitment to Consumers
040143 Hormel Recalls 104,000 Pounds of Chili
040142 Kraft to Cut 6,000 Jobs, Close 20 Plants
040141 Is Cod Fish Also the "Other WhiteMeat"?
040140 Congress Delays U.S. Meat-Origin Labels to 2006
040139 Who Is Minding the USA's Food Store?
040138 Poultry Expo Displays New Products
040137 Ban on U.S. Beef Hardship on Japanese
040136 Beef Industry Again Upset By Figure in Oprah Case
040135 Taste For Beef Keeps Menu Prices High
040134 US & Korea Talk Over Beef Imports
040133 Report Says Beef Production Still Down
040132 Is Beef Lobby Blocking Action on Mad Cow?
040131 Hog Plant to Break Ground
040130 Canadians Discuss New Pork Traceability Options
040129 Pork Producers' Comments Sought on Animal ID Plan
040128 Citizen Group Sues State Over Mad Cow
040127 Canada Says Mass Cattle Testing Not Needed
040126 Atkins Diet Revises Message on Meat, Fat
040125 Hog Facility Draws Fire From IL Residents
040124 Tennessee Cattle Market on Even Keel
040123 "Beef.Com" Goes Vegetarian Thanks to PETA
040122 Complexity Defines Beef Industry
040121 Cattle Temperament Tested to Improve Quality
040120 Expert: New Rules Make Beef Safer
040119 Inspectors: Testing of U.S. Beef Is Inadequate
040118 Mexico May Ease U.S. Beef Import Ban Soon
040117 Recalled Beef Served in Nevada County (CA)
040116 Beef Market Turmoil Makes Outlook Difficult
040115 Kroger Tells Suppliers to Adopt New Beef Regs
040114 Area Hog Producer Files Lawsuit on Tyson
040113 National Feeder Cattle Weekly Summary
040112 US Food Groups Agree to Voluntary Labeling
040111 Mad Cow Probe Focuses on Animal Feed
040110 U.S. Delays Opening Border to Canadian Beef
040109 Kansas Beef Council: "Beef Is Safe"
040108 "Mad Cow" Hits Truckers & Meat Processors
040107 Beef Demand In U.S. Strong Despite Scare
040106 USDA Bans "Downers" in Food Supply
040105 Scare May Be "Great" For Food Industry
040104 Ranchers May Embrace Hi-Tech Cattle Tracking
040103 New Beef Policies Will Aid Consumer Confidence
040102 Groups Point to Holes in Cattle Feed Rules
040101 Cattle-Tracing System Will Face Obstacles

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