Meat Industry Insights Newsletter by Stevens Publishing Company

December 2004

041223 Arthritis Risk for Red Meat Gluttons
041222 Tyson Foods to Close Meat Plant in Maine
041221 How Pig Farmers Are Putting the Flavor Back Into Pork
041220 Wisconsin Tyson Plant May See Increased Production
041219 Merrill Karlen Jr. Appointed to National Beef Board
041218 South Dakota Red Meat Production Up
041217 McDonald's to Spend $300,000 on Former CEO
041216 McDonald's Is Still "Lovin' It"
041215 Mississippi Officials Urged Hall To Run Beef Plant
041214 Poultry Industry Fears Loss of Cuba Trade
041213 Spongebob Disappearing From Burger Kings
041212 Nebraska Beef Council Elects Four New Directors
041211 Drought Aid, Beef Bans Face Nebraska Governor
041210 Beef Checkoffs Up For Arguments
041209 Poultry Farmers Eye Trade Policy
041208 Closed Border Takes Toll on Processors
041207 Subcontractor Sues Mississippi Beef Plant
041206 USDA Probes Beef Plant Accused of Abuse
041205 U.S. Appoints New Agriculture Secretary
041204 Banned Beef And Borders Dominate Talks
041203 USDA Says New Listeria Rule Has Made A Difference
041202 Court Supports Conservationists In Hog Dispute
041201 National Beef Packing "Optimistic" On Beef Sales

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