Meat Industry Insights Newsletter by Stevens Publishing Company

December 2003

031269 Mad Cow Risk Low For Humans
031268 Mad Cow Unlikely to Sway Beef Culture
031267 Organic Industry Could Benefit From Tainted Beef
031266 Risky Tissue Getting Into Beef Supply?
031265 Canada Not Planning to Expand USA Beef Ban
031264 Cattle Futures Fall Over Mad Cow
031263 Stocks Linked to Beef Continue to Fall
031262 Gov't Seeks Early End to U.S. Beef Ban
031261 Plant Owner Disputes Finding That Cow Seemed Sick
031260 Fast-Food Restaurants: No Meat With Mad Cow
031259 More Countries Ban U.S. Beef Imports
031258 Perception -- Not Reality -- Fuels Scare Over Beef
031257 U.S. States Remain Open to Washington Beef
031256 Oakland Port Turns Away Beef Trucks
031255 Japan Officially Slaps Ban On U.S. Beef
031254 Bush Still Eating Beef Despite Scare
031253 Sellers Of Beef See Few Worries
031252 Mad Cow Investigation May Come Up Empty
031251 Burger King Gives Meals to Soldiers In Iraq
031250 Why Is Dark Meat Dark?
031249 KFC Leader Answers Questions
031248 USDA Weighs More, Faster Mad-Cow Tests
031247 First Suspected U.S. Mad Cow Case Found
031246 Groups Call For Ban on Irradiated Beef
031245 Markets Adjust to Tight Beef Supplies
031244 Record Beef Prices Support Pork Sector
031243 Stronger Retail Pork Prices Expected
031242 "Father" of Poultry Industry Dies At 92
031241 Federal Contracts Keep Bison Industry Alive
031240 Beef Prices at Highest Levels in 30 Years
031239 N.C. Hog Industry Still Calls Most of The Shots
031238 Minnesota Sues Farmers Pride
031237 Viet Nam's Cattle Industry Sees Rapid Development
031236 California 2nd State to Limit Cattle From Wyoming
031235 Live Cattle Weights Rise, Hog Weights Steady
031234 Economist Sees Cattle Price Dip
031233 Tyson Recalls Chicken Patties
031232 Cattle on Feed Up Four%
031231 Louisiana Works on Incentives For Chicken Plant
031230 Weekly Hog Price Summary
031229 Wild Meat Imports Raise Concern
031228 Beef Industry Likes New Latin Trade Pact
031227 Hardee's Touts "Low-Carb" Burger
031226 2003 Canadian Hog Imports to U.S. Up 30%
031225 Pork Exports Running Ahead of Year Ago
031224 Tyson to Shut New England Meat Plants
031223 Live Cattle Weights Rise, Hog Weights Steady
031222 National Feeder Cattle Weekly Summary
031221 Iowa Premium Pork Buys Meat Plant
031220 Watchdog Group Urged KFC to Pull Ads
031219 Researchers Close to New Cattle Growth Promoter
031218 KFC Wins Fight Over "Chicken Licken" Ad
031217 Undeclared Milk In Pinty's Chicken Nuggets
031216 Infected Wyoming Cattle Herd Spurs Worry
031215 Beef Ban Effects Could Linger
031214 High Cattle Prices Make For A Cheery Convention
031213 Wal-Mart Seeks Faster Turn-Around On Meat Orders
031212 Woman Jailed For Burger Attack
031211 Bush Pursues New Rules For Cattle Grazing
031210 Queens Villagers Cry Fowl At Live Poultry Shop
031209 Local Story: The Ebb & Flow of Meat Processing
031208 High-Protein Diets Causing Higher Beef Prices?
031207 Canada Sees Cattle to USA in Early 2004
031206 Illinois Pork Plant Delays Production
031205 Poultry Ready-to-Cook Weight Up 2%
031204 Escaped Cattle Go to Their Fate at Tyson
031203 Burger King Sued For "Discrimination"
031202 Beef Surcharge Added to Menus
031201 Recall of Beef Wrongly Labeled "Irradiated"

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