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January 2003

030172 Beef/Lamb's "Good" Fatty Acid Helps Diabetics
030171 McDonald's Stock Hits Eight-Year Low
030170 TB Strain in Canadian Hogs Not Threat
030169 Wendy's Earnings Up on Strong Sales
030168 Pilgrim's Pride Announces Quarterly Dividend
030167 Are Burgers, Fries and Kebabs Addictive?
030166 Safeway Selling Irradiated Beef in DC, MD
030165 Botswana Kills 3,000 Cattle to Contain Disease
030164 McDonald's Suit May Be Only First Nibble
030163 Texas Groups Want Horse Meat Off Dinner Tables
030162 Inspectors Eye Meat Coming Into Detroit
030161 Tyson's 1st Quarter Earnings Fall
030160 PETA Raises Chicken Slaughtering Issues
030159 Nebraska Beef & Gov't Reach Plant Deal
030158 Packer-Controlled Meat Supply Distorts Prices?
030157 Beef Industry Faces Serious Challenges
030156 Country-of-Origin Rules Based on Retail Needs
030155 Sara Lee Doubles Quarterly Profit
030154 U.S. Moves to Shut Down Neb. Beef Plant
030153 Sanderson Farms Announces Dividend
030152 Japan Confirms 7th Case Of Mad Cow Disease
030151 Judge Throws Out McDonald's Obesity Suit
030150 SD Firm Recalls Beef Products
030149 Jack in the Box Obtains New Financing
030148 Smithfield Expects to Miss Target
030147 Study Finds Meal Portion Sizes Growing
030146 Hardee's Intros New Premium Burger Menu
030145 Popeyes Launches Search for 'Team Canada"
030144 Tyson Launching Protein Brand Initiative
030143 Ranchers Keen on Cloned Beef Await FDA
030142 Ex-Tyson Foods Managers Make Plea Deal
030141 Red Lake Earth Improves Broiler Performance
030140 Canada Extends Poultry Ban to Nevada
030139 McDonald's Supports Ban on Cipro-Like Drugs in Feed
030138 Cattle Ranchers Worried About Drought
030137 McDonald's Chief: Price-War to Continue
030136 McDonald's CEO Promises to 'Fix' Company
030135 Burger King Intros 99 Cent Breakfast Menu
030134 McDonald's Stays with Discounts, Stock Off
030133 Poultry Disease Dooms Calif. Chickens
030132 OSHA Fines Beef Processor, Contractor
030131 USDA Increases Testing For Mad Cow
030130 Pilgrim's Pride's 1Q Profits Plunge
030129 Sara Lee Names Head of Meat Division
030128 USDA Blasted for Cruelty in Killing Chickens
030127 Taco Bell Exec Named New Burger King President
030126 Church's Chicken Buys 35 Restaurants
030125 Cargill Earnings Up 25% In Q2
030124 Farmland Earnings Up in Q1
030123 Schnucks to Use Electron Beam Processing
030122 Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Q4 Results Up
030121 Taking Aim at Trans Fatty Acids
030120 Priciest Burger in NYC Debuts at $41
030119 Test Treatment For Human Mad Cow Disease
030118 USDA Reports Send Grains, Soybeans Diving
030117 Vegetarians Challenge McDonald's Payout
030116 Meat, Eggs NOT Linked to Breast Cancer
030115 McDonald's Taps Lederhausen for New Role
030114 Folic Acid Intake Tied to Colon Cancer Risk
030113 Wendy's Reports Sales Results
030112 Cattle Industry Targets E. Coli
030111 Creekstone Buys Future Beef Operations Plant
030110 ND Hog Farmer Numbers Hit Record Lows
030109 California Declares Poultry Emergency
030108 Food Companies Wrongly Blamed For Obesity
030107 Judge Urged to Halt Bison Herding Method
030106 Bob Evans Farms Announces Same-Store Sales
030105 Animal Rights Group to Protests Against KFC
030104 Fast Food Is Out; Fast Teen Is In
030103 NY Company Recalls Chicken Hot Dogs
030102 Meat Program Helps Minnesota Farmers
030101 USA, Mexico Close to Tariff Deal on Chicken

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