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JUNE 2001

010658 Burger King to Meet With USDA Inspection Unit
010657 Smithfield Closes Purchase of Pinnacle Foods
010656 ConAgra 4th Quarter Earnings, Outlook for 2002
010655 UFCW Comments on Industry Wage & Hour Laws
010654 Study Focuses on Red Meat, Cancer
010653 Mad Cow, Should the U.S. Be Concerned?
010652 Burger King: Results of Burger Opinion Poll
010651 CKE Restaurants 1st Quarter Loss Narrows
010650 Checkers Completes Franchise Convention
010649 Food Cos. Seek Bacteria Killers
010648 Outback Steakhouse Comments on Outlook
010647 Excel Recalls Beef, Pork for Possible E.Coli
010646 Smithfield Creates New Marketing Position
010645 American Diner Making a Comeback
010644 ConAgra Foods Restates Earnings
010643 Smithfield Completes Acquisition of Moyer
010642 Tyson Hit With Lawsuit Over IBP Deal
010641 Sara Lee Guilty in Tainted Meat Case
010640 Burger King Loses Australian Court Battle
010639 Senator Urges Tyson-IBP Antitrust Review
010638 Jack in the Box Reports Growth
010637 Judge Rules Tyson Must Uphold IBP Buyout
010636 Farm Groups Worry IBP and Tyson Merger
010635 Bridgford Announces 2nd Quarter
010634 McDonald's Warns Earnings To Miss Expectations
010633 Consumer Prices Up 0.4%
010632 White House Warns Against Excessive Farm Bailout
010631 Wholesale Prices Barely Budge in May
010630 $74B in Food, Ag Spending Approved
010629 Mad Cow Testing Methods Improved
010628 Inspectors Say USDA Ignores Humane Slaughter Act
010627 Boston Market To Expand New Format to Dallas
010626 Mozart's Death Attributed to Pork, Not Poison
010625 Godzilla Meat Going on Sale - Really
010624 USDA Chicken Inspection System to Go National
010623 Some Progress, But War on Cancer Is Not Won
010622 Hong Kong Confirms First Mad Cow Case
010621 Tyson Take Steps to Bolster Foreign Sales
010620 Wendy's Reports May Sales Performance
010619 Huisken Launches Line of Irradiated Ground Beef
010618 Hedgeapple Farm Beef is "Free Farmed"
010617 Investors Expected to Feast on Kraft IPO
010616 Pork Demand Spices Smithfield Earnings
010615 Checkers Taking Over 21 West Coast Rally's
010614 FDA Mulls Regulating Cloned Animals
010613 PETA Enlists Celebrities to Press Burger King
010612 Packers Warns About Irradiation Disinformation
010611 Bob Evans Profits Rise; Outlook Tempered
010610 USDA Wants to Hire 300 More Vets
010609 USDA Settles Complaint Against Farmland
010608 IBP Comfortable With Full-Year EPS View
010607 Hormel to Offer $350M Of Notes For Repayments
010606 US Food Firms Agree to List Allergens on Labels
010605 Contaminated Meat in Louisiana Destroyed
010604 American Know HOW to Cook Right; Often Don't
010603 Sara Lee: 2002 Profit Below Forecasts
010602 Humane Society Calls for End to Hog Factories
010601 Sara Lee to Combine Meat Business Into Two Units

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