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January 2000

000151 Beef Demand Takes Upward Swing After 20-Year Slide
000150 Smithfield Completes Acquisition of Murphy
000149 U.S. Beef Sales to Asia Recover And May Rise-USMEF
000148 Ostrich Producers Want Letterman to Be Front Man
000147 Sara Lee Reports 2nd Quarter Sales of $5.3 Billion
000146 Labels On Biotech Foods Would Raise Prices
000145 Rymer Foods Announces 1999 Final Year Results
000144 Burger King Offers New Italian Chick'n Crisp Sandwich
000143 Proposed Pork Merger Raises Concern
000142 Meat Firms Can Use Additives to Curb Listeria
000141 EU Edges Toward Detailed Labeling for Beef
000140 US national food safety plan due in July
000139 New Dietary Standards Target Fat
000138 Cold Pasteurization Create Safer Food Products
000137 Cargill Posts First Half Earnings of $295 Million
000136 Smithfield Reorganizes Board & Stock Repurchase
000135 New High-Tech "Bull Market"
000134 Farmland Files Debt Offering With SEC
000133 Japan Group Clones Bull From Cloned Cattle
000132 McDonalds Last in Big-3 Burger Stand-Off
000131 Group Files to Block New U.S. Dietary Guidelines
000130 Launches Internet Portal
000129 Kraft Foods to Buy Soy Burger Maker Boca Burger
000128 IBP Sued Over Nebraska Meat Plant Pollution
000127 IBP Blasts U.S. Lawsuit Against Nebraska Plant
000126 USDA Says Country-Of-Origin Labels Not Needed
000125 Wholesale Prices Rise 3% in 1999
000124 Agriculture's Future Outlined
000123 Soyburgers Expected to See More School Use
000122 European Union Proposes Food Safety Agency
000121 Wendy's December Sales Rise, Plans 520 New Units
000120 UFCW Announces Agreement With Empire Kosher
000119 Cattle Prices at 2 1/2-Year High
000118 The Most Expensive Big Mac in the World?
000117 Checkers Unit Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
000116 U.S. Beef Demand Stabilizes After 20 Years
000115 Irradiation System Launched by Poultry Distributor
000114 USDA Faces Squabble Over Pork Ads
000113 Pork Producers Say "Real Men Grill for Super Bowl"
000112 Plans for Big Growth
000111 Smithfield Sees Profits Hit by Floods
000110 Seaboard Completes Poultry Division Sale to Conagra
000109 Pork Producers Seek Help From Gore On Russia Aid
000108 Court Puts Restrictions on Ex-Tyson Execs
000107 Statement by Tyson on Legal Action Against ConAgra
000106 Missouri Sues to Block Smithfield-Murphy Deal
000105 CME 1999 Volume Off 11.4% From Previous Year
000104 Arby's Beef's Wins Drive-Thru Service Accolades
000103 Man Loses 245 Pounds Eating Subway Sandwiches
000102 France Listeria Poisoning Kills Two
000101 EU Joins Battle Over British Beef

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