Meat Industry Insights Newsletter by Stevens Publishing Company

November 2000

001147 Hormel Profit Up, But Misses Forecast
001146 Mad Cow Cases Spread Through Europe
001145 Commodities Roundup
001144 French Beef Exports Battered
001143 Texas Firm Recalls Beef Due to E. Coli
001142 Study on NC Hog Industry Waste Problems
001141 Rugrats and The Whopper Team Up Again
001140 UK's Has No Plans for Ban on French Beef
001139 Smithfield Foods Offers to Buy IBP
001138 IBP Considering Smithfield Buy Offer
001137 Farm Bureau Urges Review Of Smithfield-IBP Merger
001136 Smithfield Says IBP Deal Would Help Producers
001135 IBP to Use Irradiation in Processing Plant
001134 Omaha Steaks Will Irradiate Beef
001133 Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Said Lower
001132 U.S. Eyes WTO Arbitration on EU Sanctions
001131 More USA-EC Disputes Likely As Trade Grows
001130 Tyson Food Donations Reach Million Pound Milestone
001129 Italy Issues Ban on French Beef
001128 Court: Tyson Information Not Secret
001127 Wholesale Inflation Edged Up In October
001126 Red Oak-Europe Presents Precooked Entrees
001125 Rising Hog Prices Erode Premium Brands Income
001124 Sysco Will Buy Freedman Meat Operations
001123 Checkers Launches Screamin' Chicken Sandwiches
001122 IBP Restates Earnings 6 Cents Lower
001121 ConAgra Foods Acquires Marburger Foods
001120 Nathan's Posts Top Revenues Since Going Public
001119 Link Between Beef and CJD Remains Unproven
001118 Popeyes Chicken Website Sells New Cajun Menu
001117 USDA to Shift Some Meat Testing to Plants
001116 Swift Cancels Saturday Hog Kill in Minnesota
001115 Heathcast: Tapeworm In Pork Can Cause Problems
001114 California Honors Jack in the Box for Food Safety
001113 IBP to Build $25 Million Iowa Plant
001112 Polluting Poultry Plant in Mississippi Fined
001111 Wisconsin Beef May Contain E. Coli
001110 Smithfield Seen Having Upside Potential
001109 Wendy's Profit Up 9.3 Percent
001108 French Says Beef Bans Unjustified
001107 Don't Bake, Fry Thanksgiving Turkeys
001106 Flipping Burgers Cuts Cancer Risk
001105 Pilgrim's Pride Fiscal 2000 Results
001104 Georgia Ground Beef Recalled for E. coli
001103 Allergy Fears Spur NY Chicken Tenders Recall
001102 Omaha Steaks Recalling Ground Beef
001101 White Castle Breaks Ground on Processing Plant

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