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JUNE 1997

970601 Is FSIS Going too Far With SSOP "Corrective Actions"?
970602 USDA Announces "Actions" to Address "Concentration"
970603 Group Says Consumers Still "Mislead" by Ground Beef Labels?
970604 Consumers Urged to Use a Thermometer When Cooking Hamburger
970605 Tyson Formally Named as "Target" in Probe of Former Ag Sec'y
970606 Armour Receives OK for New Flavoring Additives
970607 Avian Flu Epidemic Threatens Pennsylvania Poultry Industry
970608 Key U.S. Pork Packers Cut Operations for 3rd Straight Week
970609 Cooling Meat Before Freezing Helps Fight E. coli Contamination
970610 USDA Promotes Beef Processing Co-op in Northern Plains States
970611 U.S. and EU Settle Red Meat "Trade War", but U.S. Bans EU Poultry
970612 IBP Inc Completes Tender Offer to Acquire Foodbrands America
970613 FSIS Issues Directive on Advanced Meat Recovery Systems
970614 Carl's Jr. Buys Hardee's, Creating One of Nation's Largest Chains
970615 Cagle's Settles OSHA & Labor Dept Injury Claim for $608,000
970616 Senate Committee Chairman Says Inspection User Fees "Not Likely"
970617 Beef Industry Initiates Efforts to Make Meat Supply Safer
970618 IBP Slashing Operations; Cutting Jobs at 2 Iowa Pork Plants
970619 Iowa Hog Plant Cutbacks May Signal Move Towards Southern States
970620 New "Burger Wars" Likely As McDonald's Considers Price-Cutting
970621 Fletcher's to Consider Hog Futures to Protect Expansion
970622 USDA to "OK" Yogurt as Meat Replacement in School Lunchs
970623 Ranchers Upset Over Children's Magazine Saying, "Don't Eat Meat"
970624 Campbell Soup Company In Talks to Sell Georgia Poultry Unit

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