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January 2005

050144 Kentucky Fried Chicken Sales Boom In China
050143 Smithfield Breeds Fattier Line Of Pork
050142 Tyson Announces Temporary Closure of Beef Plants
050141 Beef and Pork Production Up From Last Month
050140 McDonald's Views China As Fast Growing Area
050139 Canadian Plans for Containing Pork Disease Outbreaks
050138 Beef Activists Ask NCBA to Oppose Canada Cattle
050137 Sheep Industry Prepares to Vote on Lamb Checkoff
050136 USDA Sticks With March Date on Canadian Cattle
050135 U.S. Livestock Slaughter Rises
050134 BK Using TV's Apprentice Contestants For Entree Ideas
050133 McDonald's December Same-Store Sales Up 4.9%
050132 USA & Japan Discuss Age-Testing Proposal for Beef
050131 U.S. Checks Canada's Cattle Feed Rules
050130 So Much For Progress on Oklahoma Poultry Impasse
050129 Bill Seeks $10M For Mississippi Poultry Plant
050128 UCS Applauds McDonald's for Steps to Protect Public Health
050127 EPA Finalizes Major Consent Agreement on Air Emissions
050126 Superior Farms New Refrigerated Meat Pasta Sauces
050125 Tyson Says It Will Trim Beef Operations
050124 Tyson Closures Reflect State Of US Beef Industry
050123 South Dakota Production of Red Meat Up Over Last Year
050122 Tyson To Idle About 400 Washington Workers
050121 McDonald's To Give Chickens A More Humane Death
050120 Beef Trade Meetings Planned By Nebraska Cattlemen
050119 Huge Losses Force Cuts In U.S. Beef Production
050118 Canadian Beef Safe, U.S. Meat Packers Insist
050117 Meat From Infected Canadian Farm May Have Been Eaten
050116 NE Governor Says Getting Beef to Japan Is "Priority No. 1"
050115 S.D. Reps Says Keep Border Closed to Canadian Cattle
050114 Smithfield Foods Fights Small Family Farmers in Poland
050113 Texas Gets New Deadline To Test Its Cattle For TB
050112 OSHA Focuses on Reducing Hazards in the Poultry Industry
050111 New Pork Production Model Can Stabilize Farm Incomes
050110 USDA Nominee Vows to Press Japan to Lift Beef Ban
050109 Malcolm Named Vice President of SYSCO
050108 Voting Dates Set For Referendum On Lamb Check-Off
050107 Minnesota Pork Board Holds Annual Meeting
050106 Mississippi Beef Processors Fails to Meet Payment Deadline
050105 Burger King Same-Store Sales Rise
050104 Keeping Meat Safe For The Table
050103 Canadians to Kill Cattle From Herd of BSE Infected Cow
050102 New Fast-Food Battlefield: Breakfast
050101 US Meat Group Denies Food Safety Charges

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