Meat Industry Insights Newsletter by Stevens Publishing Company

August 2005

050824 Cattle & Beef Most Impacted by Disease Outbreaks
050823 Tyson Foods Reports Lower Profit
050822 Tyson Foods to Be Added to S&P 500
050821 McDonald's Cash Cards Make Fast Food Even Faster
050820 AMI Urges Action on Older Canadian Cattle
050819 Brooklyn Firm Recalls Meat and Poultry products
050818 Company Aims to Curb Antibiotics in Pork
050817 Philippines Lifts Mad Cow-Related Beef Ban
050816 Canadians Urged to Control Their Beef Industry
050815 Americans Keep Eating Beef Without Fear of Mad-Cow Disease
050814 Two National Beef Plants Will Close on Saturdays
050813 Swift Closes Nampa, Idaho Plant
050812 Too Much Beef Already?
050811 Sara Lee Posts Quarterly Loss
050810 Mad Cow Case Demonstrates Weaknesses in Testing
050809 US Beef Industry Hails Clearance of Mad Cow
050808 Large Pork Producer Changing Name to Seaboard Foods
050807 False Claims of Kosher, Halal Meat Means Fine
050806 Grilled Meat Tribute to Attract Thousands
050805 PETA: The Group Stays in the Headlines
050804 Professor: Beef Prices May Fall, But Not Too Far
050803 Hereford Verified Creates Value For Cattlemen
050802 Agro-Terrorism Bill Introduced In U.S. Senate
050801 Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria a Ticking Bomb?

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