Meat Industry Insights Newsletter by Stevens Publishing Company

April 2004

040423 Tyson Plant Workers Vote to Retain Teamsters
040422 US Won't Allow Rapid Test for Mad Cow
040421 McDonald's to Expand Bunless Burger Sales
040420 This Time, Burger King Does Chicken Right
040419 Tyson Cuts Beef Production
040418 Tyson Foods Fined $436G in Worker's Death
040417 58 Countries Still Reject US Beef
040416 PETA Grabs Web Site
040415 U.S. Cattle Group Says Border Must Open
040414 Union Accuses Tyson of Unfair Labor Practices
040413 Japan Says Ball In U.S. Court On Beef Trade Issue
040412 Scientist urges beef industry on food bug
040411 McDonald's CEO Got $2.1M Bonus For 2003
040410 Beef processing plant to open in June
040409 Food Inflation Dips; Beef & Veal Up
040408 FDA, Veal Sellers OK on Hormone
040407 USDA: Can't Say When Japan Will Take Beef
040406 Senators Want to Withdraw Cattle Proposal
040405 Japan Refuses US Beef Without Testing Every Cow
040404 Canadian PM Says Anti-Meat Ads 'Unacceptable'
040403 Restrictions Lifted From Eastern Poultry Producers
040402 USDA Mad Cow Rules Cost Industry $150M
040401 Illinois Pork Plant Aims for New Markets

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