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December 2002

021237 Democrats Feel Misled in Meat Recall Probe
021236 McDonald's Tinkering with Burger Recipe?
021235 Cattle Rustling Still Alive and Well
021234 Bridgford Announces Results for 2002
021233 New EPA Ruling Concerns Land O'Lakes
021232 McDonald's Grilled Chicken Flatbread Sandwich
021231 ConAgra 2nd Quarter Earnings Up Slightly
021230 Jack in the Box Cuts Its Profit View
021229 French Meat Chain Illegally Imported British Beef
021228 McDonald's to Post First Loss in 47 Years
021227 Food Labeling to Bolster Security of Food Supply
021226 Franchisee Assn Supports Burger King Sale
021225 Alternative for Pathogen Reduction in Poultry?
021224 Diageo Finally Sheds Burger King
021223 College Hill Poultry is "Poultry Innovator of 2002"
021222 Survey Shows McDonalds Not Responsible for Fat People
021221 Gov't Adds Substances to Cancer List
021220 Diageo Finalizes Sale of Burger King
021219 Georgia Company Recalls 36,000 Pounds of Chicken
021218 Parents Protest Schools Irradiated Meat Plan
021217 Inspector Says Poultry Plant Warnings Ignored
021216 USDA: Pilgrim's Pride Knew of Listeria
021215 Sara Lee Shares Fall 5% on Outlook
021214 PETA: "Happy Cows" Ad Is A Lie
021213 High Bacteria In Poultry Raises Alarm
021212 Publix Recalls Potentially Contaminated Meat
021211 Shoppers Stuffed By Misleading Food Labels
021210 Focus on Risk in USDA Directive on Listeria Testing
021209 Tyson Announces Quarterly Dividend
021208 Struggling McDonald's ousts its CEO
021207 Wendy's Reports Positive November Sales
021206 Tyson Lowers Estimate; Closing Two Plants
021205 McDonald CEO Abruptly Announces Retirement
021204 Sanderson Announces Settlement of Class Action
021203 Meat Packing Industry "Not Like It used to Be"
021202 Burger King Approves 99 Cent Whopper
021201 Hormel's Earnings Flat

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