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October 2002

021058 Federal Judge Upholds Beef Checkoff
021057 Class Action Files vs. Wampler and Pilgrim's Pride
021056 First Carl's Jr. Restaurant to Open in Alaska
021055 Giant Food Introduces Irradiated Ground Beef
021054 Australian Cattle Exports Surge to 5-Year High
021053 Mexico Strongly Committed to Food Safety
021052 Lawsuit Against Tyson Unit Dismissed
021051 Butterball Begins 22nd Year of Turkey Talk
021050 Viskase Named Supplier of the Year AMI
021049 Health Express Launches National Franchise Push
021048 "Quorn" Meat Substitute Under Attack
021047 Pilgrim's Pride Fourth Quarter Results
021046 Judge Says Gov't Pork Fees Illegal
021045 Lawmakers Seek Meat Recall Details
021044 Army Working on Three-Year Sandwich
021043 Tougher Meat Safety Rules On The Way
021042 Big Business Gobbling Up Small Organic Farms
021041 Group Finds New Food Poisoning Items
021040 Irradiated Meat Allowed in Schools
021039 NFPA Applauds Use of Irradiated Meat In Schools
021038 Canadian Court Defines A Chicken
021037 UFCW Bashes Bush Admin's "Business Buddies"
021036 Wendy's Earnings Climb 16 Percent
021035 Sara Lee Earnings Rise 28 Percent
021034 Maple Leaf Reports 2002 Third Quarter Results
021033 McDonald's Profits Drop 11 Percent
021032 McDonald's Tests New '3'n1' Restaurant
021031 McDonald's Sees Some Cuts After Review
021030 USDA to Label Organic Foods
021029 Group Wants All Meat Removed from School Lunch
021028 Organic Food Industry Grew Up in a Decade
021027 Pilgrim's Pride Expands Listeria Recall
021026 Tyson Seeks Arbitration in Pork Lawsuits
021025 A&P Responds to Latest EMMPAK Recall
021024 EU Clears Burger King Purchase
021023 Australia Issues Quota Plan For US Beef Exports
021022 Wisconsin Meatpacker Recalls More Beef
021021 Voluntary Meat Labeling to Begin
021020 Dockworkers Start Tackling Huge Backlog of Cargo
021019 Pilgrim's Pride Recalls Poultry for Listeria
021018 Court Approves Demolition of Farmland Site
021017 Sara Lee Shares Higher, Outlook Brightens
021016 Hog Farmers Mull Tyson Buyout Offer
021015 US Food Safety Efforts Struggle Amid Illness
021014 Consumers Challenge Spread of Biotech Food
021013 NY Seeks Food Price-Fixing Fines
021012 Deli Meat Suspected Source of Killer Bacteria
021011 McDonald's Shake-Up Appears Unlikely
021010 Cargill Expands Beef Recall, Shuts Plant
021009 Morrell Ordered to Pay $1.5 Million
021008 France to Resume British Beef Imports
021007 Hormel Foods Authorizes Share Repurchase
021006 Food Companies Switch Fats In Face of Changing Tastes
021005 Bob Evans Announces September Same-Store Sales
021004 Popeyes Brings Back Buffalo Style Nuggets
021003 Antibiotic Use in Livestock Fell in 2001
021002 American Food Industry Builds Bridges to Cuba
021001 Wayne Farms Acquires Sylvest Farms of Ga.

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