Meat Industry Insights Newsletter by Stevens Publishing Company

May 2000

000547 Clinton Wants Expanded Meat Nutrition Labels
000546 Diet Guidelines Stress Exercise for First Time
000545 Beef Provides Essential Nutrients in Healthful Diets
000544 US Food Safety Tests Dealt Setback by Judge
000543 Supreme Beef Statement on Victory vs. USDA
000542 Clinton Criticizes Meat Industry
000541 E. Coli Outbreak NOT Related to Meat
000540 Checkers Fires 'Em Up With New Product Test
000539 Fight BAC! Praises U.S. For Food Safety Messages
000538 McDonald's Completes Boston Market Take Over
000537 NFPA Offers Food Safety Tips for Summertime Eating
000536 Bonanza/Ponderosa New "Flame-Grilled Over Hickory"
000535 Winner in Taste of Elegance Pork Contest
000534 U.S. Organic Food to be Exported to Japan
000533 Hog Farms NOT As Harmful As Many Believe
000532 NPPC Commends House on Vote for China Trade
000531 Popeyes Continues Global Expansion
000530 E. Coli Fears Lead to Ground Beef Recall
000529 KFC & A&W to Co-Brand 300 Restaurants
000528 Sizzler Forms Partnership With Oscar's Restaurants
000527 Electronically Pasteurized Hamburger Sales Expand
000526 IBP Signs Second Agreement With EPA On Air Quality
000525 Settlement in Sara Lee Class Action Lawsuit
000524 Increased Testing Causes Meat Recalls to Soar
000523 Monday's Commodities Roundup
000522 USDA Forecasts Falling Crop Prices
000521 First Burger Using Titan Irradiation Debuts
000520 Willie Nelson Attacks Pork Checkoff Program
000519 Japan Orders Cattle Kill After Disease Outbreak
000518 McDonald's Readies Big Dinosaur Promotion
000517 McDonald's Sales Through April Climb
000516 Interfood's Popeye's Unit Has Record Revenue
000515 Chefs Help Increase Pork's Use in Foodservice
000514 Pork as the 'Other' Option Showcased at Expo
000513 Jack in the Box Reports Record 2nd Quarter
000512 DAB-A-Do's New Line of Soy `Meats'
000511 Tyson Says US Investigating Poultry Plant
000510 Meat Institute to Launch Online Career Site
000509 U.S. to Tighten Safety Measures for Hot Dogs
000508 Chicken Consumption to Hit Records Again
000507 Chick-fil-A Changes Distribution Services Company
000506 Ag Groups Hail Trade Retaliation
000505 Wendy's 1st-Quarter Operating Earnings Rise
000504 Union Loses Latest Organizing Vote at Wal-Mart
000503 Maple Leaf Profit Narrows In First Quarter
000502 Cloned Cattle to Beef Up Australian Herds
000501 Tyson Profits Drop 45%

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