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APRIL 2000

000467 No Meat for a Week is Problem for Some
000466 Senators Want More Power Over Meat Mergers
000465 IBP and Cattlemen Spar Over Lawsuit Ruling
000464 Webvan-Atlanta Signs Agreements with Vendors
000463 IBP Signs Deal With EPA On Air Pollution
000462 Tyson Reports Second Quarter Results
000461 Mexico Sets Anti-Dumping Duties On U.S. Beef
000460 WLR Foods Reports Third Quarter Results
000459 Sara Lee Posts 7% Profit Hike
000458 Fletcher's Announces First Quarter Results
000457 Pork Quality Featured at World Pork Expo
000456 Pork Industry's Huge New Marketing Campaign
000455 Wal-Mart Meat Workers Vote Said Legal
000454 Study Looks at Women's Diet Patterns
000453 Tyson-ConAgra Trial Ruled
000452 New Polish Ham from Atalanta
000451 IBP Introduces "Thomas E. Wilson" Brand Name
000450 Hog Farming Profitable Again
000449 McDonald's Posts Strong Performance
000448 IBP Results Lifted By Fresh Meat Unit
000447 Wendy's Selects New President and CEO
000446 Sanderson Farms Announces Quarterly Dividend
000445 Winn-Dixie Announces Major Restructuring Program
000444 Back Yard Burgers Reports First Quarter Results
000443 Fletcher's in Alliance With the Quadra Group
000442 Cargill's Third Quarter Profits Slip
000441 Appoints Chief Executive Officer
000440 NPPC Welcomes Shipment Of Hogs To Canada
000439 USDA Plans Rules for Pork Referendum
000438 Senator Asks for Review of Internet Meat Market
000437 Wholesale Prices Jump 1.0% in March
000436 eMerge Drive Towards "New Beef Economy"
000435 Web Site Allows Users to Measure Eating Habits
000434 Tyson CEO Britt Announces Retirement
000433 On-Line Meat Exchange Reports $19.2M in Orders
000432 Burger King Plans New TV Campaign
000431 Texas Wal-Mart Workers Vote On Union
000430 Burger King Finds New U.S. Distributor
000429 Pork Up on Bacon Demand
000428 Gold Kist Chicken Products Were NOT Adulterated
000427 Meat & Poultry Makers to Go Online
000426 Reports Revenues of $12.7M
000425 Burger King Says It's Not for Sale
000424 Wendy's Reports Strong Sales in March
000423 Burger King Franchisees Seek Break
000422 No Link to Beef In Minn. E.Coli Outbreak
000421 Announces Growth
000420 Federal Regulators Target Small Meat Plants
000419 IBP Subsidiary Target of Criminal Probe
000418 Beef Blamed for E. Coli Outbreak in Minnesota
000417 Test for Cattle Predicts Beef Grade
000416 U.S. Bill Seeks Nutrition Labels On Fresh Meat
000415 Charbroiled Meat Linked to Breast Cancer Risk
000414 U.S. Wants Proof EU Open to Hormone-Free Beef
000413 Steam Treatment Targets Listeria In Prepared Meats
000412 Irradiated Beef Faces Slow Rollout to Consumers
000411 Steak Escape Signs Deal to Open 100 Stores
000410 USDA Subsidizes Poultry Meat to Middle East
000409 Contaminated U.S. Poultry Seized In Russia
000408 Ostrich Burgers Are the Thing at Fuddruckers
000407 Mexico Farmers Want 166% Duty On U.S. Meat
000406 South Korea Meat Demand Falls
000405 Attorney Calls For End to School Poisonings
000404 U.S. Trade Rep Hails Sale of Meat to China
000403 Mcdonald's Sets Teletubbies Promotion
000402 Scientists Track Down Bacteria Genes
000401 McDonald's Tests Shantytown Market

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