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Stephen Flanagan, President
Meat Industry INSIGHTS News Service
P.O. Box 221
Brightwaters, NY 11768
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Thousands of Hits for $49.95/month

The biggest challenge in the operation of any website is generating enough "hits" to make the investment worthwhile.

The Meat Industry Internet News Service is constantly updated with news and information useful to meat & poultry industry executives. Industry members log in multiple times per week.

You can become a News Service sponsor, so your banner ad will be seen hundreds of time a week by key meat industry executives. Your banner will then link to your website so interested executives can check out your company.


Place your banner order now and receive the complete Meat Industry Prospect Data Base for only $299 (full rate $599). This package deal allows you to generate thousands of hits for your ad banner and offers your sales staff the most up-to-date prospect list available in the industry. Click for info on the Meat Industry Prospect Data Base

If you would like to become a Meat Industry Internet News Service sponsor, please leave comments now., or feel free to call our office (631-661-2727).

The cost is a flat $49.95 per month for unlimited exposure (billed annually: $599.40). We will be glad to help create your banner ad and will include a hot link right to your site.

Thanks for logging in! Hopefully, we can be of service.


Stephen Flanagan

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