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990279 Irradiated Meat Must be Prominently Labeled
990278 USDA Outlines Tentative Types of Meat for Russia
990277 Food Safety Bill Would Send FDA Inspectors Overseas
990276 Sheep Growers Want to Stop Imports
990275 Nebraska Storm Cuts Hours at Two IBP Meat Plants
990274 IBP Announces Dividend
990273 FDA Issues Food Safety Guidelines
990272 EU favors compensation over US meat label proposal
990271 U.S. Official Sees Food Prices Up 3% in 1999
990270 Smithfield to Buy Carroll's For $500 Million
990269 STERIS Will Offer Comment on Proposed Irradiation
990268 USDA & FDA to Work "More Closely" On Food Safety
990267 Meat Compound May Not Be Carcinogenic
990266 AAFG Announces Date for Internet Gourmet Shop
990265 Five More Plaintiffs Added to Sara Lee Case
990264 Nathan's Confirms Purchase Plan for Kenny Rogers
990263 Georgia Checking for Recalled Meat Products
990262 IBP Recalls 10,000 Pounds of Meat for Glass
990261 Koo Koo Roo "Healthy Dining Claims" Are Validated
990260 Georgia Firm Recalls Meat In Latest Listeria Case
990259 IBP Again Considers Launching Meat Brands
990258 U.S. Farm Exports Fall 10% In '98 to 4-Year Low
990257 USDA to Publish US, Canada Cattle Inventory Stats
990256 Hormel Foods Reports 31% Increase in Earnings
990255 New Test Could Help Pork Producers
990254 Mexico Meat Output Seen Rising Up To 5% in 1999
990253 PETA Protests Federal Hog Subsidies
990252 Economic Turmoil Puts Bite on Japan Beef Imports
990251 Titan Corp Comments Red Meat Irradiation Rules
990250 The Muppets Have Landed... At Wendy's
990249 USDA Seeks Outside Review of Cattle Investigations
990248 Fat Farm, Skinny Farm: Two Ways to Look at Steak
990247 New Cattle Group Head Seeks to Unite Industry
990246 U.S. Cattlemen Support Mandatory Price Reporting
990245 U.S. Proposes Labeling to End EU Beef Dispute
990244 EU Says U.S. Beef Proposal Is Unacceptable
990243 Tyson Reorganizes Itself Into Four Groups
990242 Bob Evans Farms Announces 3rd Quarter Results
990241 Provena Foods Reports Quarter and Year Results
990240 Raw Meat Irradiation Rules Finally Unveiled
990239 EU Lifts Export Subsidies For Pork to Russia
990238 AFL-CIO Asks SEC to Probe Smithfield Hog Sale
990237 Deadly Hot Dog Contamination May Be Linked to Dust
990236 Hog Farmers Ask U.S. For Subsidy to Stay Afloat
990235 USDA Rules Heat Up Food Safety Firms' Shares
990234 EU Proposes Options for Resolving Beef Row
990233 US says EU cannot delay beef hormone studies
990232 S. Korea Seek Lower U.S. Pork Imports
990231 USDA Memo Cites Problems in Handling of Meat
990230 Bad Politics, Bad Meat and HACCP
990229 New, Quick-Fix Beef Items Headed For Stores
990228 Red Meat Irradiation Rule 'Long Overdue'
990227 Food Output Seen Dominated By Food "Clusters"
990226 Glickman sees more U.S. food donated abroad
990225 Richfood Holdings Declares Dividend
990224 House Could Investigate Pork Pricing
990223 New Strategies Needed to Fight Listeria
990222 "McRib" Could Help Kentucky Pork Producers
990221 Chicken Burritos Recalled Due To Listeria
990220 More U.S. Hot Dogs Recalled For Deadly Listeria
990219 USDA Says Needs New Weapons to Fight Listeria
990218 Solutions for Food Safety Available from Neogen
990217 Listeria Outbreaks Puzzle Food Safety Experts
990216 USDA Mulls Labeling, Testing to Control Listeria
990215 Pork Commodities Soars on Russia Talk
990214 Meat Processor Thorn Apple Outlines Recall Costs
990213 Cargill Passes First Hurdle in Continental Deal
990212 Thorn Apple Valley Announces 2nd-Quarter Results
990211 Cattlemen See Retaliation Threat in EU Beef Spat
990210 Britain Finds Plant to Burn Massive Meat Stocks
990209 Indiana and McDonald's Initiate Aid for Pork Producers
990208 CFP Holdings Reports Results for the Quarter
990207 Tyson Profits Rise on Strong Sales, Low Feed Costs
990206 U.S. Takes Beef Trade Dispute With S.Korea to WTO
990205 Food Safety User Fee is On Clinton's Menu Only
990204 IBP Profits Quadruple, Boosted by Low Hog Prices
990203 More Food Inspectors Under Clinton Budget
990202 Eat More Meat, Have Better Sex
990201 Meat Cutters at Canada Plants Vote to End Strike

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