051016 Modest Gain in U.S. Meat Output

October 22, 2005

Washington - Red meat production in the United States posted a modest 1% advance above year earlier levels in September, reaching 3.93 billion pounds, according to the USDA.

January to September 2005 commercial red meat production was 33.9 billion pounds, up slightly from 2004. Accumulated beef production was up slightly from last year, veal was down 7%, pork was up 1% from last year, and lamb and mutton production was down 4%.

Beef production, at 2.16 billion pounds, was 3% above the previous year. Cattle slaughter totaled 2.78 million head, up 1% from September 2004. The average live weight was up 11 pounds from the previous year, at 1,276 pounds.

Veal production totaled 13.2 million pounds, 2% above September a year ago. Calf slaughter totaled 60,700 head, down 10% from September 2004. The average live weight was 43 pounds above last year, at 363 pounds.


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