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030701 Nolan Ryan's All Natural Tender Aged Beef

July 1, 2003

Dallas & Austin, TX - RanchMart, an innovative, technology-based fundraising company creating unique and effective direct marketing channels, announced Nolan Ryan's All Natural Tender Aged Beef has joined RanchMart's "Friends of the Texas FFA" corporate alliance program to actively support the statewide launch of RanchMart's non-profit fundraising program with the Texas FFA this summer.

With the addition of Nolan Ryan's All Natural Tender Aged Beef to the program, RanchMart continues to support the Texas FFA's commitment to providing its traditional meat supply to local communities across the state as the organization's primary fundraising activity. Additionally, RanchMart improves upon the chapters' traditional fundraising efforts by streamlining the order and delivery of high-quality meat, packaging it with a wide range of other desirable products and offering an effective and user-friendly sales chain.

In fact, the direct-to-consumer model offered by Nolan Ryan's All Natural Tender Aged Beef allows FFA Chapter Leaders to avoid playing the "middle-man" role of handling, storing and delivering meat, while still being able to offer a familiar, high quality product to community supporters. The meat products will be shipped directly to the consumer by Gourmet Ranch, Inc., a Houston-based meat distribution firm.

"This agreement solidifies RanchMart's commitment to making fundraising for the Texas FFA a more lucrative and educational experience through targeted alliances with corporate brands and products with a business and community commitment to Texas," said Jacob Levenson, founder, president and CEO of RanchMart. "Securing the support of Nolan Ryan's All Natural Tender Aged Beef is a revolutionary development for the Texas FFA fundraising model because it simultaneously reduces the fundraising headache for the Chapter Leader and increases the profit potential for the organization. FFA chapters can now offer a variety of valuable, familiar products and services to a wider audience, in a streamlined and efficient manner."

RanchMart has also produced promotional videos featuring Nolan Ryan to be used on the company's Web site in support of the partnership.

"Nolan Ryan's All Natural Tender Aged Beef is proud to be a part of RanchMart's 'Friends of the Texas FFA' program," said Charlie Bradbury, CEO of Beefmaster Cattlemen, LP (Nolan Ryan Group). "In addition to providing an innovative direct marketing channel for us, with RanchMart we are able to assist the growth of a respected and valuable youth organization in Texas by lending the brand power and quality associated with Nolan Ryan's All Natural Tender Aged Beef to the Texas FFA's fundraising efforts."

Order forms for Nolan Ryan's All Natural Tender Aged Beef will be included in each RanchMart coupon Supporter Packet provided to the Texas FFA chapters for the 2003-2004 fundraising season, and the RanchMart Web site will feature direct purchase information for Nolan Ryan's products.


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