Meat Industry Insights Newsletter by Stevens Publishing Company

September 2004

040931 Cattle Farmers Say Demand Is Up
040930 Prices for Food Staples Rising Fast
040929 Revised Livestock Insurance Resumes
040928 Immigrants Spur New Demand for Goat Meat
040927 Lifestyle Changes Boost Poultry & Fish
040926 California Recall Data to Remain Secret
040925 Brazil Might Be Ready to Make Move In Pork
040924 Japan to Discuss Resuming US Beef Imports
040923 Tyson Eyes Overseas Expansion in Emerging Markets
040922 EU Lifts Import Bans on Canadian Poultry
040921 Country-of-Origin Labeling Delayed for Beef
040920 Idaho Agencies Discuss Beef Cattle Annual Review
040919 New Method for Treating E. Coli Contamination
040918 Beef Demand Strong Through August
040917 Mexican Butchers Protest High Meat Prices
040916 Irradiated Beef Safer, But Losing Popularity
040915 Beef Prices Up Nearly 15% Says Wendy's
040914 Beef Marketing Hits New Heights
040913 A Recap of Conagra's Year
040912 Kansas Excel Now Cargill
040911 Poultry Plant Fined By OSHA
040910 Tyson Says "Price Fatigue" Hurting Beef Sales
040909 Water Pollution Limits Set for Arkansas Plants
040908 Alaska Calls for Open Border for Canadian Cattle
040907 Tyson Signs Pact with EEOC
040906 SC Cracks Down on Livestock and Poultry Vendors
040905 New CEO Hopes to Revive Burger King
040904 "Price Fatigue" Hurting Beef Sales-Tyson
040903 Estimated Weekly Meat Production Under Federal Inspection
040902 Cattle Prices Rise on U.S. Beef Demand
040901 McDonald's Sales Climb 3.9%

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