Meat Industry Insights Newsletter by Stevens Publishing Company

February 2004

040226 US Poultry Industry Worries About Avian Flu
040225 Ranchers Praise Atkins For Steering Dieters to Beef
040224 Demand Keeps Beef Prices High
040223 End of Poultry Bans Sought
040222 Beef Exports to Dive In 2004
040221 Montanna Orders Testing of Wyoming Cattle
040220 Beef-Recall Secrecy Draws CA Senators' Ire
040219 Cuba Buying U.S. Poultry Despite Flu Scare
040218 U.S. Beef Left to Rot in Japan's Ports
040217 U.S. Beef Production Expected to Decline
040216 Disease Scare From Yellowstone Bison
040215 Perdue Closing Plant In Florida Panhandle
040214 Cattle-ID System Gets First Test
040213 2003 Pork Exports Up 6.6% From 2002
040212 National Feeder Cattle Weekly Report
040211 Weekly Hog Price Summary
040210 Georgia Ag Commish Wants Chicken Ban Lifted
040209 VA Bans Live Poultry Sales on Eastern Shore
040208 USA Critical of Poultry Ban by Asian Countries
040207 Smithfield Pork Plant Closed After Leak
040206 SC Poultry Producers Act Against Avian Flu
040205 National Feeder Cattle Weekly Summary
040204 Weekly Hog Price Summary
040203 Poultry Flu Cases Hit Companies, Feed Prices
040202 Open Border to Cattle, US States and Canada Urge
040201 PETA Has Beef With Town of Slaughterville

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