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May 2003

030531 U.S. Seeks to Ease Consumer Fears Over Mad Cow
030530 It's Back to Basics For McDonald's
030529 U.S. Bans Canadian Beef After Mad Cow Discovery
030528 Mad Cow Case Triggers Economic Shock Wave
030527 Cattlemen Comment on Mad Cow Scare
030526 McDonald's, Tyson Fall on Mad Cow Worries
030525 Canada Announces Mad Cow Case in Alberta
030524 USDA to Resume Canada Beef Trade if No New Cases
030523 Scientists Cut Predictions of Human Mad Cow Cases
030522 North Dakota County Making Room for Hogs
030521 Hall of Fame Cravers Chosen by White Castle
030520 North Carolina Hog Farm Fears Intensify
030519 Farmland Foods Recalls Beef Frankfurters
030518 Consumer Prices Drop 0.3 Percent in April
030517 Dakota Beef Goes Global with Organic Beef
030516 Beef to Set Nutrition Record Straight
030515 Jack in the Box Second Quarter Earnings
030514 Court Reinstates Excel Lawsuits
030513 Bridgford Foods Announces Dividend
030512 KFC Hits Record High Sales in Canada
030511 McDonald's April Sales Fall, But Up In US
030510 Checkers/Rally's New Screamin' Chicken
030509 Burger King Refocuses Ads on Quality
030508 Hardee's Premium Burger Menu
030507 Cargill Recognizes Suppliers of Clean Cattle
030506 Texans Strongly Oppose Horse Slaughter
030505 National Hamburger Month at White Castle
030504 Swift Reports 3rd Quarter Results
030503 Supermarket's Meat Poisoned with Pesticide
030502 Nebraska Beef Ltd. Sues USDA Inspectors
030501 Tyson Foods, Inc. Announces Dividend

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