Meat Industry Insights Newsletter by Stevens Publishing Company

September 2000

000932 USDA Has Meat Pricing Rules Hearing
000931 Meat Industry in Court over Testing
000930 Meatpackers Improve Animal Treatment
000929 Euro Pushes McDonald's Stock Higher
000928 Family Sues KFC Over Maggot Claim
000927 USDA Unable to Prevent Antitrust Practices
000926 ConAgra Profit Up 44%, Meets Estimate
000925 Food Celebrities to Select a $20,000 Burger
000924 Producers Vote to Determine Pork Promotion
000923 Glickman Tackles HACCP, Other Issues Before Congress
000922 USDA Reports that HACCP Has Reduced Salmonella
000921 FSIA Administrator Discusses HACCP Changes
000920 Cattlemen File Price Fixing Suit Against IBP
000919 GAO Faults USDA & FDA on Food Recalls
000918 Nation Of Islam Backs Sharpton In Burger King Row
000917 Minority Burger King Owners Oppose Boycott
000916 USDA and Inspectors Union Spar Over Plant Safety
000915 McDonald's Stock Nears 2-Year Low After Warning
000914 Red Oak Hereford Farms Beefs Up Investor Relations
000913 Supermarkets May Label U.S. Beef
000912 USDA Files Appeal of Supreme Beef Decision
000911 Family Treated For Anthrax After Eating Beef
000910 eMerge Acquires Livestock-Marketing Companies
000909 McDonald's Action Throws Spotlight on Farm Practices
000908 Better Farming May Mean Safer Food
000907 Minnesota: Three Kinds of Beef Patties Recalled
000906 PETA Suspends Anti-McDonald's Ads
000905 Simek's Offers Refunds After E. Coli Detected
000904 Washington: Lunchbox Smoked Turkey Recalled
000903 Pork Group Teams up With Mcdonald's for Brat Promo
000902 Consumerists Suggest Growing Risk from Meat
000901 Wendy's August Same-Store Sales Up 4.6%

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