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October 2000

001065 Clinton Opposes Lott Plan on EU Retaliation
001064 WTO Rules Against US Lamb Sanctions
001063 Hamburger Hamlet Celebrates 50th Anniversary
001062 Sara Lee Profits Dip 2 Percent
001061 Ranchers Launch Designer Beef Labels
001060 Senate OKs Cattle/Hog Regulation Bill
001059 Dial Profit Plunges Before Charge
001058 Back Yard Burgers Reports 3rd Quarter Results
001057 Struthers Completes Meat Distribution Facility
001056 Anger Over Low Price Could Kill IBP Deal
001055 White Castle Opens Newest Unit in Delaware
001054 Cargill Reports 15% Increase
001053 Food Safety: Keep Guests Out of Kitchen
001052 Jack in the Box Beefs Up Breakfast Menu
001051 Scientists Confirm Chicken Soup Is Medicine
001050 Atlantic Preium Plant Destroyed By Fire
001049 WLR Foods Reports Merger Schedule
001048 IBP Earnings Fall But Exceed Estimates
001047 McDonald's Russian Workers Seek Union
001046 McDonald's Testing New Restaurant Concepts
001045 Wholesale Prices Shoot Up 0.9 Pct.
001044 Minority Burger King Owners Comment
001043 Hormel Foods to Build in Dayton
001042 Tenn. Firm Recalls Hot Dogs
001041 "Other White Meat" Among Top Ad Slogans
001040 Sharpton Launches NY Burger King Boycott
001039 Famous Dave's and Hormel Foods Team Up
001038 Accident Halts Shift At Swift Minn Plant
001037 Investor Group to Buy Meat Producer IBP
001036 IBP Push For Case-Ready a Key to Takeover
001035 Senator Blasts IBP Merger
001034 Will Low Price for IBP Deal Raise Another Bid?
001033 NC Poultry Processor Ignores FSIS Recall
001032 US Steps Up Negotiations With EU On Beef
001031 Fuel, Economy to Hit Fast-Food Results
001030 CEO Asks Rethink of Burger King Boycott
001029 Hot Dogs Recalled From South
001028 FDA Criticized For Food Irradiation
001027 Teen Admits Contaminating Fast-Food
001026 Ostrich Burgers Flying High in Detroit
001025 Burger King "Victory" In Boycott Dispute
001024 HeartWise Express Adds New Menu Items
001023 PETA: Use Turin Shroud in Anti-Meat Ads
001022 PETA: How About a Meat Tax
001021 Supreme Beef to Cease Operations
001020 Supreme Blames USDA "Harassment" for Bankruptcy
001019 NMA Attacks "Dismantling" of Supreme Beef
001018 USDA Faulted on Commodity Referendum Procedure
001017 Burger King Launches 99-Cent BK Cravers
001016 ConAgra Unveils New Product Launch
001015 Pilgrim's Pride to Acquire WLR Foods
001014 Burger King Loses Round in $1.9B Lawsuit
001013 Food Irradiation "Alliance" Announced
001012 Sanderson Farms Announces Quarterly Dividend
001011 Tyson Exec Sentenced to One Year
001010 Close Quarters for Chickens Is Unacceptable
001009 Denver Buffalo Company Changes Name
001008 Sales Increase for Heritage Lifestyle Products
001007 Britain Says Mad Cow Disease In Decline
001006 One-Third of the American Diet Is Junk Food
001005 Some Imported Meat Could Be Contaminated
001004 MN Firm Recalls Chicken Salad For Listeria
001003 USDA Statement on Country of Origin Labeling
001002 USDA Clarifies Partial Quality Control Rules
001001 Mexico Probes US Exporters Avoiding Duties

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