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"The most significant potential application is in the processing of
beef, pork and chicken to eliminate dangerous pathogens."

Iotron Technologies Inc. was formed in 1989 to establish and develop the industrial use of high-energy electron beam technology.

Iotron operates one of the most advanced facilities of its type in the world. With the combination of leading edge technology and management experience, Iotron is internationally recognized as a leader in electron beam processing.

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Food and "Electron Beam" Processing

Food irradiation can prevent countless infections by destroying the pathogens that cause the illness. Irradiation is not a panacea, but it would be substantially beneficial in the efforts to eliminate food-borne illness.

With all the endorsements and proof on the safety of food irradiation, it is only a matter of time before more electron beam irradiation facilities are built in response to the need for improved food safety. When that time comes, IOTRON will be able to offer food irradiation or build strategic facilities dedicated to that use.

Some of the Benefits of
Electron Beam Irradiation:

Bullet.gif (923 bytes) Prevention of food-borne infections such as e-coli epedemics
Bullet.gif (923 bytes) Sterilization of packaged foods and meats
Bullet.gif (923 bytes) Bacterial and parasitic control for fresh fruits, vegetables,
    meats and seafood
Bullet.gif (923 bytes) Disinfestation of herbs and spices
Bullet.gif (923 bytes) Control of insect pests in fresh fruit and stored grains
Bullet.gif (923 bytes) Delaying ripening -- extending shipping and marketing time

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